The shock of design: the other revolution of the electric car

The shock of design: the other revolution of the electric car

It is still a world of its own but will soon become the new planet of the car. Electric mobility is more than a mobility revolution. Inside there is a new way to move. There is a story still to be written. There is an absolute force that overwhelms the past to shift its center of gravity to the future. Only the most evident aspects of this diversity would be enough to get a rather precise idea of ​​what awaits us, of the real weight of this enormous environmental, technological and cultural transformation.

The absence of the engine noise that has accompanied us for over a century, replaced by a beautiful but disturbing silence, would be enough to understand that we have suddenly landed on another planet. Or it would be enough to think about that blessed (or cursed) plug to be attached to a socket for a few hours to recharge the car. An electric cable instead of the petrol pump. Silence and time against the pungent smell of fuel. The few minutes to refuel against the various hours for recharging the current. This alone would be enough to understand the transition to the new world.


But there is more. More. Because behind, and around, the technology of silence there are the new forms of electric. At least most of them still to be discovered, experimented and adopted. In fact, one cannot think that a zero-emission car, therefore without the encumbrance of the engine and all that it entails, could be aesthetically similar to a traditional fuel-powered car. Try to think about it and you will easily find the answer: no, it is not possible. From the details to the general design, nothing can be the same as before. In fact, a long and bulky bonnet becomes useless if it does not have to contain an engine complete with connecting rods and pistons. The large grille becomes superfluous and redundant if it does not necessarily have to contain a radiator that cools the engine.

Not to mention the double or triple rear exhausts if there are no fumes to throw out. Here, that’s the point. The other part of the electric mobility revolution will concern the shapes, design, functionality and aesthetics of the car. A great game that has just begun which in a few years will lead to redefining the forms and categories of automotive style. And this is precisely the cover story of the Repubblica Motor issue that comes out at the end of the Milanese “Design week” which once again saw the car as one of the protagonists of the scene.

We talked about the new stylistic path of the electric car with the protagonists of design. From today to the future. The models that will come and what solutions they will adopt. In short, we tried to stage the other part of the revolution to discover that the pleasure of the electric car also passes through design and beauty. Good summer everyone.

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