The sense of Wieki Somers for the joy of the senses

The sense of Wieki Somers for the joy of the senses

They met at the end of the nineties in the school desks of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and have never left each other since. I am Wieki Somers, born in 1976 in Sprang-Capelle, in the Netherlands, and Dylan van den Berg, born in 1971, originally from Eindhoven. Partners in life and in business, in 2003 they founded Studio Wieki Somers in Rotterdam: «Dylan has an incredible innovative mind, he is technical, deep and very sharp. He is a visionary, but he prefers to work behind the scenes, ”says Wieki Somers, the studio’s frontwoman.

Wieki Somers, 45-year-old designer born in Sprang-Capelle, the Netherlands.  She lives and works in Rotterdam with Dylan van den Berg.  Photo Anne Timmer

The shelves of the Somewhere collection for Moroso, in Really by Kvadrat, a material obtained from recycled wool and cotton

In general, according to the Dutch designer, there is no 100 percent sustainable material; «Our very existence is not sustainable, but we can do our best to use resources carefully, primarily by buying less and quality products. I believe that if people knew how and where furniture is made, they would recognize a higher value in it, and would struggle to buy cheap disposable solutions ». Studio Wieki Somers investigates the deeper meanings of domestic habits: “Daily life with its rituals is extremely important for our well-being, it’s about feeling supported by your own space, by the way an environment makes us feel, not just how appears. I can imagine myself sitting silently on the daybed of Somewhere collection every morning while, in that position and thanks to that furniture, I connect with myself “. The works of Wieki Somers and Dylan van den Berg surprise because they are layered, they mix various ingredients, the experimental research on materials, the radical and unconventional design, the technology, the handcrafted details, the imagination: “Each of our projects is a discovery , an investigation guided by curiosity and observation. The ordinary becomes extraordinary in our design, but in a subtle way: we awaken the hidden qualities of common objects, inviting people to look at their everyday life with new eyes ».

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