Squid Game 2 will be done! Confirmation from the creator of the famous series – iO Donna

Squid Game 2 will be done!  Confirmation from the creator of the famous series - iO Donna

Lto second season of Squid Gamethe spearhead of Netflix, it will do. The same creator of the show announces it, Hwang Dong-hyuka director famous in his homeland for the films of bitter social denunciation who, through the chronicle of the deadly competition in which the desperate competitors of the series adhere, provided a bitter portrait of Korean society (perfectly applicable also to the western one).

The first of two posts spread on social media shows a detail of the giant Young-hee doll and his eye equipped with infallible cameras in which the number “two” is reflected. The second reports in Korean and English a short letter from Hwangwhich recalls how “only twelve days” were enough to transform the series into the most view of the history of the platform.

Squid Game 2

Twelve days to become the phenomenon we know and twelve years spent by Dong-hyuk to find someone willing to produce the story. Initially conceived as a film and then turned into a series. Only that Dong is in high demand (much in demand) when in January Bela BajariaNetflix’s Global TV chief, asked him to please find time to conceive and write a second seasonthe director is busy with a film focused on the murder of some elderly people.

The fact is that an agreement has been made.

Guest of the French television festival CanneSerieslast April, always Dong he admitted candidly that he has not yet thought about the details related to the plot, but some anticipation revealed it in the message confirming the renewal of the series.

What to expect

Confirmed the return of the protagonist Gi-hun, interpreted by Korean star and former model Lee Jung-jae, the winner of about forty million euros, as well as the only survivor of the brutal sequence of games. We know about him he dyed his hair fiery red to stand up on the sad Korean society – only the rich in Korea can afford extravagance, the others risk losing their jobs – and which contemplates revenge against the supporters of the “contest”.

The so-called also returns Front-man played by Lee Byung-hunthe only one among the interpreters of Squid Game already widely known by Western audiences for his participation in action-genre blockbusters such as Gi Joe – The birth of the Cobra, Red 2, Terminator Genisys and the remake of The magnificent 7.

Squid Game 2 Gong Yoo the man with the complete

Gong Yoo, the famous Korean actor who plays the man in the suit.

Hwang does not confirm but also suggests the possibility of bringing back the figure of the very mysterious “Man with suit”, or the charming young man who recruits competitors challenging them to the game of ddakji on the subway platforms. This last figure, mellifluous but unequivocally intriguing, is interpreted by Gong Yooone of the most requested and acclaimed Korean actors on the Asian scene. With Hwang he had previously worked in Silenced and, we are sure, the friend will not be denied, hopefully with a more exhaustive part, which reveals his past.

There is also a new entry: TRa coin.

The other rumors

Hwang does not, of course, mention the characters of the finalists, fallen like flies in the last deadly gamessuch as Cho Sang-woo and Kang Sae-byeok, played by respectively Park Hae-soo and Jung Ho-yeon. The first is destined to further extend his international fame thanks to the role of Berlin in The paper house: Koreathe second is a very launched model on the catwalks all over the world.

Also in Cannes, Hwang did not rule out the possibility of returning the characters using theflashback gimmick, an extremely tempting eventuality for the public that has grown fond of both. However, he also stressed that he had not yet written a single line of the new scripts: the future of Squid Game it is still all to be established.

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We recall that four weeks after the debut of Squid Game, which took place last September 17, the production stood as the first Korean series to reach the top of the Top Ten of Netflix’s most viewed in the US, Italy and 92 other countries. 95% of the audience that followed him is from outside South Korea and corresponds to a total of 142 million subscribers: it is the power of Hallyu, the Korean nouvelle vague.


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