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C.The intrigues at court on the case of Prince Andrew continue. Queen Elizabeth would have conducted in great secrecy a series of consultations with her collaborators and representatives of the government of Boris Johnson. Because after paying millions of pounds to Virginia Giuffre, the accuser who claims she was abused by the Duke of York when she was just seventeen, now Andrea, 62, desperately wants to return to court.

Prince Andrew wants to return to court. And immediately!

Andrea craves and would have begged his mother to give him back everything he had lost last January due to the repercussions he suffered for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. This would include the title of HRHHis Royal Highness, the Queen’s active role in public representation, and the much-loved military postsincluding that of colonel of the Grenadier Guardsone of the most important regiments of the British armed forces.

Prince Andrew is in trouble: the decision of his brother Charles after the new accusations

Prince Andrew is in trouble: the decision of his brother Charles after the new accusations

A return to court also for Beatrice and Eugenia of York?

Not content, Andrew of York also asks that, following the loss of Philip and the escape of the Sussexes from the British court, they are now the princesses daughters Beatrice and Eugenia to be welcomed among the working royal, or the royals who are allowed to represent the queen in their many commitments at court. And this despite the fact that in the future Charles wants to streamline the monarchy in order not to weigh on the state coffers anymore.

Prince Andrew during a parade with his brother Edoardo (Getty Images)

Prince Andrew had convinced the queen

According to unofficial Buckingham Palace sources, the 96-year-old queen was about to give everything to her favorite son who, on the occasion of the recent Platinum Jubileeavoided problems for Elizabeth’s entourage, giving up being present after contracting Covid.

Elizabeth II and her husband Philip at the Order of the Garter ceremony in St George’s Chapel in Windsor (AP)

Prince Andrew insists

Andrea wanted to be at all costs at Garter Day, at Windsor, which involves the inclusion of Camilla of Cornwall in the illustrious and ancient monarchical institution. But he was denied his presence.

The prince had asked his mother, Elizabeth II, to be admitted to other public and state events as well. But he hadn’t reckoned with his brother and nephew.

Carlo and William join forces

Worry, come on possible whistles from the audience and by the fact that Andrea’s presence in ceremonial dress and in a prominent role in the ceremony of Garter Day he would inevitably monopolize the attention of the media, it would be the two direct heirs to the throne who convinced the queen to immediately change her mind on all fronts.

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