Playa del Amor, the oasis of the Lgbtq + community, at risk – iO Donna

Playa del Amor, the oasis of the Lgbtq + community, at risk - iO Donna

S.i call Playa del Amor and the name says it all. It is a splendid bay on the Mexican coast that welcomes mainly members of the community who want to get together to be together in front of a bonfire, enjoying moments of intimacy and freedom.

Pride 2021, the commercial for lgbtqi + rights has a beautiful message

Pride 2021, the commercial for lgbtqi + rights has a beautiful message

Playa del Amor, the oasis of the Lgbtq + community

The beach is located in the city of Zipolite, in the state of Oaxaca, which over time, from a fishing village has become an oasis for the queer community, conquered by the nonconformist atmosphere and the serene practice of nudism.

playa del amor

Too many tourists, uniqueness at risk

The bay which can accommodate about a hundred people, and the city itself, however, they are becoming too popular and, the fear of residents and rainbow groups, as reported by the American newspaper New York Times, is that they can lose that uniqueness that distinguishes themcompromising that magical atmosphere forever.

All community members should visit Zipolite being able to feel at ease and completely freebut the mass tourism that is being created is starting to dry up these places and risks consuming charm and resources.

Lgbtq + rights in Mexico

Moreover, in a country like Mexico where the rights of the LGBTQ + community are struggling to impose themselves, here in Zipolite, however, the people were greeted with great affection by most of the residents. And, last February, the first openly gay person was elected head of the city council.

In Mexico, they still are conservative Catholic values ​​are very persistent and, although gay marriage has been legalized, homophobic and transphobic violence did not decrease.

The American newspaper reports the testimony of a young gay boy, David Montes Bernal for whom the parents, having learned of his homosexuality, they sought an exorcist.

David in Zipolite has found a place where he feels safe in his sexuality: “Finally it seemed to me that there was a place where we queer people can be whoever we wantHe told the newspaper.

Playa del Amor, also the environment in danger

But with the spread and word of mouth about the opening of the city towards the LGBT + community, all this could get lost, becoming a “trendy” place like Ibiza and Mykonos.

Already now La Playa del Amor seems to have become a place of chaos and unbridled sex, so much so that the city council was forced to introduce a curfew at 9pm.

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Residents, moreover, also fear for the environment, as the wild animals that once inhabited the coast in large numbers are now gone. And the vegetation is also severely tested by the excessive number of tourists.


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