Palermo, the boss Guttadauro returns to prison, he was under house arrest but used Telegram

He has always taken advantage of the permits and benefits he was able to obtain: the boss Giuseppe Guttadauro, in the eighties former primary assistant of the Civic hospital, does not deny himself. From house arrest, where he ended up in February, he continued to weave his network of relationships. He did not escape the carabinieri of the Anticrimine section of Palermo, who continued to keep him under control in his home Aspra. Thus, in recent days, the deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido and the substitutes Francesca Mazzocco and Bruno Brucoli requested and obtained from the GIP office the aggravation of the measure in prison for the 74-year-old Palermo godfather who in 2003 had been the protagonist of the investigation into the then President of the Region Salvatore Cuffaro, accused of having stolen the wiretapping at his home from the boss. Now, after the new arrest in February, Guttadauro used the Telegram application for his contacts, so he thought he was not being intercepted.

At the wedding of Guttadauro, a summit for the drug deal. New axis with the Calabrians

by Salvo Palazzolo

In the summer of 2018, Brancaccio’s boss had instead been allowed to leave Rome to attend the wedding of his son Filippo Marco. It was a great celebration in the Church of Maria Santissima Immacolata, in the heart of Bagheria. And then to the Trabia Castle. But that day there were not only friends and relatives. The carabinieri discovered that among the guests there were also two very active accomplices of Guttadauro, at the party there was talk of drug trafficking.

Fish from Morocco and petrol stations. The business of boss Guttadauro

by Salvo Palazzolo

In February, one of the boss’s sons, Mario Carlo, also ended up in prison, believed to be in contact with a scion of the ‘Ndrangheta and with other mafia members. The wiretapping had brought out above all a large network of relationships, even among the good Roman bourgeoisie. Relationships never interrupted.

Mafia, the Guttadauro boss hired by a rich Roman lady. He was planning a punitive expedition for the former minister Baccini

by Salvo Palazzolo

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