Municipal elections in Parma: War (center-left) clearly ahead on Vignali (Lega and Fi)

Municipal elections in Parma: War (center-left) clearly ahead on Vignali (Lega and Fi)

In the municipal elections di Parma Michele Guerra is clearly in the lead and the center-left sees a historic milestone on the horizon: to return to victory at the Communal in Parma after 24 years.

The challenge will be decided in the ballot on June 26 when the candidate supported by a broad coalition made up of the Democratic Party, the first party in the city, and Effetto Parma of the outgoing mayor Federico Pizzarotti, will meet with Pietro Vignali, supported by Lega and Forza Italia and above all from his civic list, the second in the number of votes in the first round.

For Salvini’s party, which expresses four parliamentarians in Parma, it is a debacle: 4%, overtaken by the Brothers of Italy who return to the City Council after 15 years and the ballot will hardly converge on Vignali, a candidate never digested even for his past judicial decisions that forced him to leave the mayor’s office prematurely in 2011.

Municipal elections in Parma, Guerra (center-left): “Advantage means that the project is convincing. Let’s not let our guard down”

The count and the results live

We therefore go to the ballot as it was in the forecasts but with a gap of 22 percentage points, well beyond any more negative forecast.

The very wide gap between Guerra and Vignali opens up to the first comments and also to critical reflections: “Our initial perplexities proved to be well founded. The candidate did not have the aggregative skills necessary to unite the center-right”, comments Priamo Bocchi, candidate of Fratelli of Italy, in reference to Vignali.

Municipal elections in Parma, Bocchi (Fdi): “Let’s go back to the City Council after 15 years”

Fdi is preparing to enter the City Council and at the moment does not make any official opening for Vignali to the probable ballot. “The choice of the candidate proved to be wrong and we have always emphasized it and for this reason we ran alone. The ballot? The national bodies will decide what to do – replies Bocchi -. We will evaluate in these days what to do for the good of the city” .

“The desire for change expressed by those who voted Costi will be intercepted in view of the second round”, admits Emiliano Occhi, outgoing councilor of the League, who does not hide the unexciting result of his party: “A figure that must make us reflect, to have done part of a broad coalition may have penalized us. Our willingness to change with regard to the problems expressed by the city does not change. The League has already faced and overcome difficult moments. In view of the ballot there is an electorate that has not voted to convince “.

Municipal elections in Parma, Vignali (center-right): “The personal result encourages me a lot for the ballot”

“Being divided as the center-right did not help, but in the meantime let’s go to the ballot and try to bring out even more the different vision of the city we have”, Vignali reasons. “I hope that in these days we can heal the rift with the Brothers of Italy – concluded Vignali – I hope that on June 26 the center-right voters will be able to vote for me. But we will turn above all to the abstention party that here it is almost the first party because I am looking for the revenge of a city that has been standing still for years “.

“A result that would be historic for the center-left, which has not won here in Parma for years. It is a model that looks to the future and these results prove us right, now another two weeks”, comments Guerra. “A result beyond expectations, which further empowers us with respect to what we have already told throughout the election campaign. I am proud of the work we have done with the entire coalition, which has proved to be very united, cohesive, capable of working together starting from political and cultural differences that have made our program for Parma very rich in concrete proposals. Now we await another two weeks of confrontation with the city, which has already shown that it is looking to the future and does not want to go back. ‘abstention does not grow further: participation is and will always be a key element for us.

Municipal elections in Parma, Costi: “Let’s bring civicism back to the City Council”

“The united center-right wins, in Verona, Parma or Catanzaro they could win but they don’t win and if they play in the ballot”: so the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini, at a press conference in via Bellerio.

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