Municipal elections in Lombardy, the results: the center-left towards the reconquest of Lodi in the first round

Municipal elections in Lombardy, the results: the center-left towards the reconquest of Lodi in the first round

The counting of the 127 municipalities in which the renewal of the municipal councils was voted on has begun. And the eyes are on the three provincial capitals called to choose the mayor: Monza, Como And Praise. In all three the center-right had won in 2017. But, at least in the case of Lodi, the center-left managed to win back in the first round with the 25-year-old Pd candidate Andrea Furegato. Shortly before 6pm, Sara Casanova, the outgoing mayor of the League phoned her challenger to congratulate her on the victory. For the center-left, which presents itself with a wide field (from the Democratic Party, to the Left, from the Five Star Movement to Action and Living Italy) it is the most important test in view of the 2023 regional elections.

In Como, on the other hand, there could be a runoff between Barbara Minghetti of the Democratic Party, former director of the Social theater supported by Verdi and three civic lists and the center-right mayoral candidate Giordano Molteni imposed by the Brothers of Italy on the League, which sacrificed the outgoing mayor Mario Landriscinawho was not re-nominated.

And there is also Sesto San Giovanniamong the municipalities in the vote of the Metropolitan City of Milan, where the challenge has been ignited in recent days.

There are 27 municipalities with over 15,000 inhabitants where one could go to the ballot, while there are 18 small towns with only one candidate who will have to hope for turnout to avoid the commissioner. TO Cream we vote to replace the mayor Stefania Bonaldi after two terms, while among the smaller countries a Nembro (Bergamo), one of the municipalities most affected by the first wave of the pandemic, and in large centers in the Milanese area such as Abbiategrasso, Cernusco sul Naviglio And San Donato Milanese.


2022 municipal elections, turnout down

There is a first fact that risks weighing on the results, that of turnout. In general, for the 127 municipalities in the vote, it dropped by five points compared to the previous election: from 55.57% to 50.19%. One in two voters, therefore, decided to stay at home. The highest turnout was recorded at Praise, giving hope to the center-left which is presented in a ‘wide field’ version: 56.12% of those entitled voted, compared to 60.18% five years ago. Minor participation a Como, with 44.30% (the previous time it was 49.13). TO Monza 46.8% of those entitled to rights voted, also in this case down from 51.88% in 2017. A Sesto San Giovannifinally, the turnout stopped at 49.14% against the last 50.93%.

Municipal elections 2022: the results of Como

There are seven mayoral candidates who presented themselves for the municipal elections of Comogoverned for the past five years by the mayor Mario Landriscina, expression of the center-right united and no longer reappointed. Lega, FdI and Forza Italia supported the doctor Giordano Molteni. At the end of a troubled path, Giorgia Meloni’s party has focused on him, former head physician of the main hospital in the city, Sant’Anna.

Pd and civic lists have focused on the reconquest of Barbara Minghetti, former director of the Social Theater, cultural and opera-theatrical manager. Minghetti is also supported by the Agenda Como list, with candidates for Action (from which Mistress Doha Zaghi was expelled after the controversy), Renziani and + Europe.

With the first data in hand, the Democratic Party sees its candidate in the lead in almost all sections. In this case, a ballot between Barbara Minghetti and Giordano Molteni would emerge.

On the left she also showed up Adria Bartolichwho was a deputy of the PDS and DS.

Como, here are the seven mayoral candidates for the 2022 administrative elections: the center-left tries to recapture

The results in Monza, from the first data the center-right with Dario Allevi in ​​the lead

In Monza, when the count reached 6 out of 110 sections, the outgoing mayor Dario Allevire-nominated with the center-right coalition (Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, together with the civic list ‘Noi con Dario Allevi’) is in the lead with 47.99% followed with 38.11% by Paolo Pilotto, municipal councilor in the opposition, teacher and former councilor, supported by Pd, Calenda Action, Italia Viva, MonzAttiva, Possible, Lab Monza, SI, Article One, Psi and Europa Verde. If Allevi were to be reconfirmed, it would be a first time: no mayor has succeeded in the enterprise of governing for two terms.

Monza, there are nine mayoral candidates for the administrative in June: the center-right tries again with the outgoing Allevi

The Lodi test: the Pd candidate Andrea Furagato towards victory in the first round

Officially, only 3 sections out of 43 had been scrutinized. Yet, even then, with the coalition it supports Andrea Furegato at 57.06% and the Northern League player Sara Casanova stopped at 34.36%, there was great “optimism” in the Pd house. And, to understand it, the statements of the League secretary would have been enough, Matteo Salvini: “We are losing in Lodi”. And this is the result that should be confirmed in Lodi.

The city had become an important test for the center-left, which aims to use the Lodi laboratory to lay the foundations of the “large field” to be used for the 2023 Regionals. A coalition that goes from the left to the Five Star Movement.

Andrea Furegato25 years old, the current provincial secretary of the Democratic Party was supported, in fact, by a broad array that includes eight lists (from Lodi civica Milanesi, Lodi Comune Solidale, Furegato Mayor Buongiorno Lodi, Pd Democratic Party Furegato mayor, Luca Scotti Lodi al Centro Citizens for Citizens, 110 & Lodi and Movimento 5 Stelle 2050).

Lodi, 5 mayoral candidates and 19 administrative lists: Andrea Furegato defies the Northern League’s Sara Casanova

2002 municipal elections, in Sesto San Giovanni the results of the challenge between Roberto Di Stefano and Michele Foggetta

In Sesto San Giovanni, where the center-right won for the first time since the postwar period five years ago, the behind-the-scenes gathering between the parties says that the outgoing mayor Roberto Di Stefano of the League at this moment would touch the victory in the first round against Michele Foggetta, winner of the center-left primary. Spaced Massimiliano Rosignoli supported by Action, Italia viva and + Europa. The official numbers are these: with 3 sections scrutinized out of 73, Di Stefano is at 47.08%; Foggetta with 36.23%.

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