• May 28, 2023

Menopause: how to thin the waistline | Modern Woman

T.The tendency to gain weight and loss of muscle tone are some of the problems faced by many postmenopausal women: the responsibility lies with the basal metabolic rate. But there are great solutions

The tendency to put on a few pounds too much as well as the loss of muscle tone or body shapes that become not very harmonious are some of the problems that many women face during menopause. And this, more often than not, happens despite one strict diet. But who is the responsible for these changes?

Causes of weight gain in menopause

The reason for the extra pounds that you buy during menopause, especially on waistlineand of loss of muscle tone is the decline of basal metabolic ratenamely the number of calories consumed at rest: with age this value decreases, and to ‘survive’ they are therefore necessary fewer calories per day.

If you eat as before, inevitably you get fat. But also by cutting down on nutrition, if you don’t adopt one healthy lifestyleyou still run the risk of lose lean mass and accumulate adipose tissue. Especially around the waistline and on the abdomen. And it’s not just about one aesthetic question.

Let’s start with analyzing the criticality of this period so very delicate for us women. Why, as we get older, the basal metabolic rate is reduced? And how does the muscle tissue? What effects do these have transformations but above all how can they be prevented?

Two main factors of the reduction in basal metabolic rate: on the one hand the reduction of lean muscle mass induced by age and by hormonal deficiencies; on the other hand, all the qualitative changes in the characteristics of the muscles themselves.

The amount of fat in fact it already undergoes a constant increase (of 40-50%) between the ages of 20 and 40; also in women (we are talking about an age between 30 and 50), while maintaining it same body weighta substantial occurs loss of lean mass which, albeit slow and gradual, with the menopause becomes acute. This also involves a sensitive decreased muscle strength.

Sport and menopause

These negative effects due to the deficiency of estrogen and progesterone (more pronounced if the testosterone produced by the ovaries is also lacking as occurs in surgical menopause caused by tumors) they can, even if not completely, be countered. How? First through aerobic endurance exercises and muscle strengthening exercises.

Furthermore, the positive effects of physical exercise on the body should not be underestimated psychic well-being: good mood (thanks to the increase in endorphins), gives greater vitality (therefore higher dopamine levels) and one healthy discharge of negative emotions.

We need to find the time to do it every day at least 30-40 minutes of physical movement: walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and then many abdominals and specific exercises for the waist (such as twists or cross jump rope) and arms, two critical points of age. But in reality, any activity is good for the body! It is about “non-negotiable time“Because every time you make excuses not to leave the house and get active, it is as if the organism lost two months of youth. And, of course, of psycho-physical wellbeing.

Diet and nutrition in menopause

Then, in menopause, a lot needs to be done pay attention to nutritioneating less and preferring foods rich in antioxidants.

Except for particular problems, it is advisable to give preference fruit and vegetables, cereals and legumes, honey, soft-boiled eggs, rice, low-fat yogurt, almonds, white meat and fish. And for a delicious dessert, a cup of raspberries or blueberries with melted dark chocolate on top! Naturally, smoking and spirits banned (no more 2 glasses of wine per week).

Sleep and insomnia in menopause

And now a final chapter, that of sleep. You may wonder: what does mine have to do with it waistline with the fact that I can’t rest well? Deep sleep erase stress and reduces the need for fatty and sweet foods thus it helps us to better respect the diet and to play sports with more energy.

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