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Martha Louise of Norway marries the shaman Shaman Durek - iO Donna

La princess and the shaman. Martha Louise of Norway and the shaman of Haitian origin, Durek Verrett, they feel a little like Harry and Meghan Markle and they hurl accusations of racism to the world. Without rancor, for the truth. Indeed by raising their love as an engine to “change the world”.

The they pointed out during a live broadcast on Instagram, a few days after the announcement of their next royal wedding, the first between a “black man and a princess”, as he held to point out the guru loved by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Martha Louise from Norway: “With Durek I discovered what racism means”

For more than an hour, the couple answered questions and congratulations from followers in Durek Verrett’s account which has over 282,000 followers. “I discovered racism by dating Durek” stressed the princess, 50 years old, three children had by the writer Ari behn, who passed away in 2017.

“Before I was quite naive on the matter, I never really realized what racism meant. But then I saw the difference in treatment between the two of us. They were always kind to me, with Durek I have seen people also behave in a rude and rude way ».

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Martha Louise: “Too much white supremacy”

Again: «I took the my rights, I’ve never really looked into what racism really is. As a white person I need to grow, educate myself and go from being against racism to being anti-racist ».

He describes racism thus: “It’s in the way people avoid Durek. In the way friends assume he lies about everything. May he be evil under his kind doing. The people muttered under their breath, giving it back perfectly clear that there is no place at the table for him ».

This is not Bridgerton

For his part, Durek Verrett, when asked about the date of the new royal wedding, limited himself to saying that he did not know her yet: “You have no idea how much organization there is behind a royal wedding” he anticipated while pointing out, at the same time, that their story is not like Bridgerton, the tv series launched by Netflix.

«The world is not ready to a union between a black man and a European princess “. But the couple, who appear more solid and united than ever, said they want to change the world with their world “because everything must evolve” and the world must go. “Towards a new awareness”.

Martha Louise Norway

Death threats

The two also said they had suffered death threats and a mountain of criticism for their union. The princess has even been accused of leading her ex-husband Ari Behn to suicide.

A dandy writer e heartthrob who during the scandal #Me Too, accuses Kevin Spacey of having molested him after a concert dedicated to the Nobel Peace Prize, touching his legs under the table and inviting him to join him on the terrace.

“After his death I found myself alone, a single mom with a huge pain inside me,” said Martha Louise. From their marriage were born Maud, Leah Isadora, Emma Tallulah.

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Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, princess top gun: flies aboard an F-16 fighter

Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, princess top gun: flies aboard an F-16 fighter

Martha Louise: “Everything will be beautiful”

“From now on, everything will be beautiful,” she wrote about the wedding announcement with the image of the engagement ring. The princess currently lives in the United States where she has opened an alternative therapy center, the “School of Angels”. In the past he has written fairy tales for children.

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