Marina La Rosa attacked on social media because she is “old” – iO Donna

Marina La Rosa attacked on social media because she is "old" - iO Donna

M.arina La Rosa it doesn’t fit. The former competitor of the first edition of Big Brother she responded in kind, albeit with irony, to those who, just landed on TikTok, pointed the finger calling her “old”. And in a letter sent to Dagospia she tells her about the times we are living in, in which growing old seems to be almost a crime. “I’ll start praying for the Lord to make me rejuvenate rather than getting old. So let’s kneel before the altar of this (not so much) devious dictatorship of perfection and let’s go in peace. May peace and botox be with us all“.

Emma Marrone and body shaming for her look at Sanremo 2022:

Emma Marrone and body shaming for her look at Sanremo 2022:

Marina La Rosa and the comments on age

“Dear Dago, what a wonderful time we are living”: thus begins the letter from Marina La Rosa, a victim of body shaming on social media. “Aging does not belong to our time,” she points out. Then telling what happened: “Having landed on “Tik Tok” a few days ago, I find myself, at the age of forty-five, more than two thousand comments in the space of a few hours on how I have changed, on how much I have aged, on the how and why, “he wrote.

On the same social channel, Marina replied ironically: “Yes, I have aged. The alternative would have been to die young“. And it is precisely with irony that he puts pen to paper his answer to those who still dare to make certain comments.

I have a laugh

“Dago, I laugh because irony has always saved meAdded the former gieffina. Who also highlighted other recent body shaming cases to bring out this problem: “Sarah Jessica Parker must have laughed too when, last year, she was criticized for aging ‘too much and badly’ in And Just Like That (the sequel miniseries of Sex and The City) and who knows how much he is laughing now Vanessa Incontrada for the “wonderful” cover call, ”he wrote. A reference to the recent news reports in which the Spanish presenter was immortalized in a bathing suit.

Marina La Rosa Ipa

Marina La Rosa at the Brancaccio Theater in Rome at the premiere of the Musical “Everyone Talks About Jamie” (Ipa)

Then, to those who do not know how to accept the signs of the passing of time, he addressed these words: “To be honest, I want to specify, to give further inspiration to the (thus defined) keyboard lions, which my chest has aged too, both for the years that pass and for having breastfeed my two children for a long time (by the way, a wonderful period of my life). My small breasts are now even smaller and not very full. And I also have a diastasis in the abdomen, it is not necessary to break through the abdominals, my belly will always remain relaxed while the ass may still hold up but only thanks to the gym. And yes Dago, I smile anyway since the value I give to myself is independent of what others think of me“.

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The problem of body shaming

However, not all of them know how to deal with criticism and comments with irony and strength. And Marina La Rosa knows this well. Precisely for this reason you have decided to write this letter. “However, I think of all those people, younger and still not very structured, who must instead clash with this new form of aggression, body-shaming.“. Perhaps her words and her irony will help many girls.


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