Lagalla’s success, Miceli’s doubts, Ferrandelli’s exploits: winners and losers of the elections in Palermo

Lagalla's success, Miceli's doubts, Ferrandelli's exploits: winners and losers of the elections in Palermo

In the silence of the ballots, the center-right is already celebrating. But the shadow of a yellow hovers over the result of the elections in Palermo that will likely be dissolved only this afternoon, when the real results arrive: if in fact Roberto Lagalla is given in a range between 43 and 47 percent by the exit polls of the Opinio consortium for Rai, in the night the standard-bearer of the center-left Franco Miceli – which would instead have a percentage between 27 and 31 per cent – dissolves the reserve decided in the heat and leaks that it has “other data”. Data from another survey that according to Pd, Movimento 5Stelle and the left would still make it possible to join the ballot round. Lagalla, on the other hand, keeps a low profile: no comments on exit polls or turnout.

It will be seen after 2 pm, when the referendum ballot – necessary even if the consultation is not valid due to the failure to reach the quorum – will give way to that for the Municipalities first and then for the elections of the district councils. From that time on, the results of the lists will also arrive, with the enigma threshold of 5 percent for entering the City Council.

Elections in Palermo, Rai exit polls: Lagalla mayor in the first round

by Claudio Reale

Until then, the only data that can be commented on is the turnout, low as it had never happened: at 7.21 in the morning, when the polling stations have already been closed for 8 hours, the Region has not yet endorsed the figure, but according to the Municipality 227 thousand voters came to the polls, 41.87 percent. With over 10 points less than five years ago, it is by far the lowest figure in history in the fifth largest city in Italy. “The final turnout in the administrative elections of Palermo is extremely worrying and marks the defeat of democratic participation – comments the outgoing councilor Right Catania – It is not surprising the growing distrust of politics, fueled in recent years by populist demagogy “.

The municipal councils in Palermo lack presidents: in dozens of seats the vote begins at 2 pm “deserters” reported. Lamorgese: “Very serious fact”

by Claudio Reale

The other certain fact is the exploit of Fabrizio Ferrandelli. The candidate of Action e + Europe is one of the great surprises of this round: with the sole support of Action e + Europe, in addition to his civic numbers, the former regional deputy is framed by the exit polls in a range between 14 and 18 percent. “A very respectable result”, the secretary of + Europe already exulted last night Benedetto Della Vedova. “Among the big cities in L’Aquila, Parma, Palermo, Catanzaro – comments the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda – we have chosen the most difficult way for a municipal consultation, that of making a third pole away from populists and sovereignists. In all three cities, our candidates obtained excellent results according to the exit polls. “And to say that even Ferrandelli himself is not giving up yet:” It’s not over – he said last night – The exit polls are only forecasts and the split vote cannot be intercepted. We will therefore have to understand what the polls will tell us and defend, in the polling stations, vote after vote “.

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