Justice referendum results, the Democratic Party attacks: “Lega made a mistake in using the consultation to make propaganda”

Justice referendum results, the Democratic Party attacks: "Lega made a mistake in using the consultation to make propaganda"

The flop of the referendum on justice was evident. The quorum remained a mirage and the result was the defeat of the League, which had proposed the five referendum questions and had fought for the Yes. “The center-right and, above all, Salvinithey made a mistake in using the referendum tool in a propaganda way “, he attacks Simona Malpezzi, leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate. “The center-right was not even followed by its electorate who deserted the polls – he continues speaking on the broadcast Summer Agora on Rai3 – Citizens did not understand extremely technical and complex questions; this is a parliamentary matter on which Parliament has already worked with the Cartabia reforms that have been approved and on which it will work this week because the CSM reform arrives in the classroom “. But the criticisms also come from friendly fire.” It is not defeat of the referendum is the defeat of Salvini, of Renzi and, sorry to say, of Berlusconi“the Forza Italia deputy writes on Twitter Elio Vito.

Referendum, the flop of flops. Quorum far away, only one Italian out of five voted. Salvini: “Thanks, anyway!”

by Alessandra Paolini

Anna RossomandoChief Justice of the Democratic Party, speaks of a “bankruptcy strategy” by the center-right and says: “The turnout is very clear, there is no excuse. The alternative is there, the reforms are approved without delay”. Carlo Calenda on Twitter he replies to a follower who had urged the party to “lead by example, working in Parliament and perfecting the laws”. “From the presumption of innocence to the dossier of the magistrate and compensation for innocent incarceration – replies Calenda – Action worked in Parliament. We did not collect signatures for the referendum fearing exactly what happened. But once approved, we go to vote”.

Municipal elections 2022, the exit polls: center-right close to victory in the first round in Genoa and Palermo, one step away from L’Aquila. Tommasi surprise in Verona

by Valeria Forgnone, Laura Mari

“If 48% of the magistrates wasn’t enough, now that 85% of Italians, not voting, said that obviously they don’t want the separation of careers, nor the evaluation of the magistrates by the lawyers. It will be enough for the government to understand. that this reform of the judiciary is not good? ” is the consideration of the prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri.

From the center right comes from Attilio Fontanagovernor of Lombardy, the comment on the low turnout: “Sul referendum unfortunately this cloak of silence has fallen. And the attempt to silence any kind of possible participation and any kind of knowledge of what was being discussed has succeeded “. Alessandro Cattaneo of Forza Italia, on the other hand, the quorum of referendum “It was not reached for a series of contributing causes. The June date did not help, the vote was only taken on Sunday. And then the issue of justice is complex, but it was not in vain, it will help. Those who do not fight have already lost. We have already lost. we will continue our battle for justice “. And Irene Testatreasurer of the Radical Party, to the Adnkronos comments: “First the referendum instrument was killed and today the funeral is held. This is the summary of what happened today. They come to tell us that there was never a referendum with such a low result, but never had there ever been such a deafening silence as there was for this referendum“.

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