• June 5, 2023

Justice referendum, flop announced: worst ever – iO Donna

H.a voted only on 20.8 percent of Italians making i referendum on justice, the least involved in history republican.

The data represents less than half of the quorum that it would be necessary for them to have value. But also three points less than in the referendum that had been so far least voted, namely the one on the electoral law of 2009.

Referendum, what a flop

In short, a total flop. Particularly strong in Trentino-Alto Adige (13%), Molise (14%) and Sardinia (14.5%). In Veneto, on the other hand, the topic was slightly more interesting and so the turnout stood at 26.9%.

The questions, just to remember them, dealt with the repeal of the Severino law in the part in which it provides for the casting call after a definitive sentence. The request to reduce the cases for which the recourse to precautionary measures in prison.

The separation of careers of magistratesthe opening to non-professional members in the bodies that have the task of evaluating the work of the magistrates and finally the request to abolish the collection of signatures to present the candidacy to the Superior Council of the Judiciary. All the few votes given, however, went to YES.


Counting the votes in the referendum on justice

A widely announced result

The result on the turnout and the failure to reach the quorum were widely expected given the less and less attention paid to this type of referendum, or the abrogation.

Abrogative referendum: quorum only once in 20 years

Just think that in twenty years, on six times they were proposed, the quorum was reached only once, in 2011: we voted for the public management of the water service.

From abortion to cannabis: the issues that interest Italians

In short, nothing to do with the first abrogative referendum in the history of Italy, that of 1974 on divorce, when the turnout was 87.7 percent. But there it was a whole other story.

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Italians are obviously interested in giving their opinion when the topic involves them in a more personal way. And, in fact, the forecasts on the two referendums proposed in recent months, that one on euthanasia and cannabis, they were definitely better than these on justice. But unfortunately, been judged inadmissible by the Constitutional Court.


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