• June 8, 2023

Italy, Mancini: “Young people must be able to make mistakes. Many changes against Germany”

MOENCHENGLADBACH – The match with the Germanyfor the fourth day of the group of Nations League that theItaly he commands, will return young players valued by Mancini also from an economic point of view. But the coach does not expect any thanks, only the possibility of continuing along this path: “No, the thanks is not important to me. The fact that the younger boys trained with other more experienced ones is, so they improved. even at the level of personality, because technically they were already good “. There will be line-up changes (“I foresee enough, after 25 days of retreat it’s normal”), but the philosophy of the renewal will not change: “In a certain respect we are ahead of what I expected. We did a good job, There is still a lot to do. When we start to be dominant as we were in the previous cycle and fluid in the implementation phase, we will be a good step forward “.

The importance of the internship for young people

Fishing in Serie B or abroad or in the youth teams of clubs: the sieve of a coach had never been of this magnitude: “You need to go fishing everywhere, but B players may sometimes be on loan from Serie A clubs , who send them elsewhere to make their bones. Of course, you can look for them in Serie B, in the youth teams, in the Primavera teams. The institutionalization of internships for young people in Coverciano is the next step: “Yes, it can be important, because it gives us the opportunity to get to know the boys a little more closely. After that, a boy is a little more ready. It should be considered. that this time we have left behind several, due to the play-offs of Serie B, the Under 21, the Primavera finals. We see the skills and call the boys: then if they take advantage of the opportunity, we call them again “. Leagues A, B and C, however, gave the go-ahead in the Federal Council to these stages: “When I was a boy, these meetings were always there. I don’t remember when they were removed, but they were there”.

Nazionale, Gnonto and his brothers: who are the rookies launched by Mancini

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

Italy and the goal problem

The problem of the goal, which cost the National team the World Cup, has not been resolved by this Nations League and it is fatal that the real center forward deployed by the coach – Scamacca – has become the player most under observation: “The other night in England he came out destroyed, let’s see how he is today. He has to learn to move with the team, he has to make it move forward, with the physique he has, and start doing what he wants. He is usually a striker: in the area he must have the intuition of the striker, to understand where the ball will go. If one stands still and waits, he hardly scores a goal. “

Three other possible beginnings

Scalvini, Luiz Felipe And Caprari, in the intentions of the coach, all three will make their debut, perhaps during the match: “Scalvini is a strong guy, he can play in multiple roles, he has technique and physique: he just needs to gain experience. I would like to make all three of them debut, even Luiz Felipe can become a great defender. Caprari has been stopped by a small injury. ” In September, the recovery of Church And Berardi, forwards but also finishers, should improve the team in the last pass. For the moment, the midline can improve, attacking more: “The median must do the same thing he did against Hungary: only one must remain in cover and the others must attack. Many must arrive in the opposing area. “. In September, however, it is not clear whether or not there will be Insignewho in the meantime will have started his experience in Toronto: “Lorenzo has given us so much. We have to see what he will do there: it will depend on the American championship”.

Cancellieri, Caprari and Zerbin, the ball boys who have become famous

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

Mancini: “Young people must be able to make mistakes”

It will not be automatic that the new Azzurri do well immediately: “A young player must be given the opportunity to make a mistake. I remember when Radice made me play for the first time in the first team, in 1981. I enter the field, the first ball arrives and I I say: now what do I do? I lifted my foot and the ball has passed. This is to say that at the beginning it is always difficult. But if one has quality, has physique, has leg, it is only a matter of time “. Germany, this time, appears more talented than Italy, but they can compensate with the game: “They too play well and even better than in the past. They have so much talent that they keep the pitch well, they have excellent ball possession: they are one of the best teams in the world. We have the vivacity of young people, but they are strong “. The balance of these two weeks of matches will be complete only after the fifth, but a first final balance Mancini can already do it: “They were good days for work. Only with Argentina we did not play well, a bit like we had done. in 2018 with France. But there are only two games in four years, he can stay there. “

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