• June 8, 2023

Ferrari, Carla Liuni will lead the diversification of the brand. The manager comes from Pandora and Bulgari

MILAN – The Ferrari assigned the last position in the top team that supports the CEO Benedetto Vigna. He will enter the house in Maranello from September Carla Liuniwho will fill the role of Chief brand officerdevoting himself to the development of the Cavallino brand al outside the world of cars, such as fashion, theme parks, museums. “Carla Liuni has an exceptional experience in driving the growth of global brands in the luxury and premium sectors. Carla’s unique profile has formed over decades of experience, in which she has consistently built brands and businesses through deep knowledge of consumers and the market, strategic thinking and the ability to decline the values ​​of brands between different product categories in a coherent and aspirational way “, says a note from Ferrari, a company whose majority shareholder is the holding Exor, which controls also the publishing house of Republic. Among Liuni’s professional experiences, the Ferrari press release recalls the recent one as Chief marketing officer of the Danish chain of jewelers Pandorawhere “she had a fundamental role in the relaunch of the company”, while previously the manager had headed the marketing and communication division of Bulgarians and the Prestige division of Procter & Gamblegiant of consumer goods where he worked for twenty years.

“The Ferrari name is universally recognized and admired as a synonym for Italian style, performance and innovation. It is increasingly important to be able to build and maintain a relevant brand identity, in tune with our community and able to reflect the world in which We live in. Carla has the experience, leadership and skills needed to protect and cultivate our brand in its growth pathto. We are thrilled to have you with us, “said Vigna, who in the managerial reorganization launched at the end of 2021 had retained the leadership of brand diversification ad interim.” Ferrari is one of the most aspirational brands in the world, it is an icon and a symbol of Italian excellence. It is a privilege and an honor to join the Ferrari family and continue to contribute to the unmistakable heritage of the brand, ensuring it the relevance of the brand for future generations. I am looking forward to writing the next chapter in Ferrari’s growth with the team, “said Liuni.

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