• May 28, 2023

Fedez: the psychologist: “Her fears common to patients with cancer”

“The first concern of those who have young children and discover they have cancer is to separate from them and not see them grow. Fedez did not say anything different from what the patients in our clinics tell us. He talks about the traumatic nature of communication. of the diagnosis of cancer, an explosive event in a person’s life “. Anna Costantinidirector of the Psycho-Oncology Operational Unit of the Sant’Andrea University Hospital in Rome, comments on the series of stories published by the rapper on Istagram after discovering the diagnosis.

In particular, there is a dialogue with the psychologist, in which the artist expresses these fears in tears: “I am afraid that my children will not remember me”.

Neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas: this is what Fedez’s disease is

by Irma D’Aria, Tiziana Moriconi

The public figure

Fedez is a “public figure who wants to maintain his spectacularity even in a phase of life in which people usually close up. Personally, however, I consider his gesture of great sharing even if it can have a somewhat spectacular nuance”, he adds. Costantini. A sharing, the psycho-oncologist reiterates, “extremely useful for those people who are ashamed to talk about their disease, who have difficulty talking about it within the same family or who are unable to talk to doctors or still cannot access psychological treatment. . Having published the contents of such an intimate and meaningful interview on an existential level, such as the fear of not being remembered by one’s children, is an unusual but certainly positive fact even if it succeeds in making the idea of ​​talking to psycho-oncologists “.

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Emma Marrone and Oriana Fallaci

Fedez is not the first public figure to socialize his illness. “Before him there was, for example, Oriana Fallaci who wrote books about her experience, but recently Emma Marrone also talked about it. There are many public figures who have made known their psychological distress – concludes Costantini – why socialize the trauma it allows the person to talk about it with someone who can accept all this anguish and help to elaborate it from an existential point of view with respect to what the diagnosis entails “. The Sant’Andrea di Roma Psycho-Oncology Operative Unit has existed since 2006 and since then has seen “the number of people asking for help grow by 30% a year”.

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