• May 28, 2023

Feast of Rome, it starts from ‘Roman holidays’. Farinelli: “All year round throughout the city”

The seventeenth edition of the Rome partyunder the new presidency of Gian Luca Farinelli and direction of Paola Malangastarts again from the origins and from the cult film Roman holidays with Audrey Hepburn And Gregory Peck: “film that celebrates the marriage between Hollywood and Rome and is about to turn 70” said Farinelli. The film will be screened on July 24 on the Porta Pinciana, in a restored version, “in that unique place that only Rome has: via Veneto”.

The main novelty of the Festival, which from this year also returns to being a festival with a competitive section entitled Progressive cinema – Visions for the world of tomorrow, is that “it will last 365 days a year and will expand as much as possible throughout the city – said Farinelli in the press meeting which also saw the presence of the mayor Roberto Gualtieriof the President of the Region Nicola Zingaretti and the Councilor for Culture of Roma Capitale Miguel Gotor – The idea is to start from the things that only Rome has and then create a party for everyone. We don’t just want everyone to come to the Auditorium but us to go to the public. One of the initiatives will be the six-hundred-seat arena of the Parco degli Acquedotti, from 20 July to 4 August, a place dear to Pasolini that will host the restored masterpieces presented by authors and directors in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture for free. The Aqueduct Park is immortalized at the beginning of the Sweet life where you see Christ flying over the Aqueducts, an image that changes the history of cinema “.

From 16 June there will be a review on experimental cinema at the Maxxi, while from 18 August until 25 September the Floating Theater Summer Festa project created with Alice nella città, a floating arena in the heart of EUR already in its third edition conceived and organized by Fabia Bettini And Gianluca Giannelli. “Let’s go to another sacred place which is Cinecittà which is a symbol not only of the past but also of the present and the future”.

On the Rome partywhich this year takes place from 13 to 23 October and whose program will be announced on 20 September, Paola Malanga explains: “It will be a Festival this is undoubted in the sign of continuity and the desire to enhance, but it will also have the flavor of the Festival with the competition that has been there for years and now returns. The Festival will be competitive again, with a jury formed by professionals. I chose to do only three sections because I believe that orientation is needed; in the festivals I attended I came across many sections but above all there is a need for the public to simplify “. So in addition to the competition there will be a “section dedicated to the public who rarely go to the cinema but did not exclude the experience, the title will be Grand publique in the French style to indicate that large, popular, cultured cinema that is not afraid to speak to everyone. Finally the third section will be called Free style which gives a sense of freedom between music and sport in terms of cinematic and audiovisual format and duration. We will present films, series and video art that do not usually enter the hall but that we would like to offer to the public on the big screen to give viewers the alternative of seeing content not on their mobile or computer. We have been going out for two complicated years, it is important to find ourselves with a social experience “.

Rome Film Fest, Paola Malanga appointed artistic director

by Cecilia Cirinei

The director also spoke about special events, screenings, meetings with artists, one will be called Paso doble and they will be meetings of professionals interviewed by colleagues (a director by a director, a screenwriter by a screenwriter, etc.), another will be called Absolute beginners from the song by David Bowie: “We will invite well-known and now adult directors to tell their first film”. The competition is not aiming for world premieres “there are already Cannes and Venice with that goal” said Malanga and platform titles will be accepted “if they make great films,” added Farinelli. No figures have been made for the budget but Farinelli guaranteed that “the budget will be strengthened” and Malanga made it clear that he was “on leave of absence from Rai and that he does not see any conflict of interest”.

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