Elections 2022: live the counting and results of the Municipalities

Elections 2022: live the counting and results of the Municipalities

Today is the day of the final results. At 3 pm the counting of the municipal electoral ballots begins and the first screenings will arrive from 2 pm. The parties are waiting to know if the exit poll data will be confirmed. The cities where the name of the winner could already be known today are Genoa And Palermo. In the Ligurian city the outgoing mayor Marco Bucci, civic candidate supported by the center-right, Action and Italy alive, is between 51-55%. of preferences, while Ariel Dello Strologo (center left) in exit polls is 36-40%. In Palermo Roberto Lagalla (center-right) with 43-47% is ahead of the center-left candidate Fabio Miceli which stops at 27-31%. TO Verona surprisingly, the former Roma player Damiano Tommasi (Pd, Action and M5S) is ahead with 37-41% up Fabio Tosi (center right) which reaches 27-31% e Federico Sboarina (Fdi) with 27-31%.

TO L’Aquila the center-right has the advantage with Pierluigi Biondi (49-43%) while the candidate of the center left Stefania Pezzopane remains at 23-27%. The center left (Iv, Pd, ex 5S close to Pizzarotti) a Parma advance with Michele Guerra which stands at 40-44%, while Pietro Vignali (supported by the center-right) is at 27-31%. Again according to the exit polls, the center-right has an advantage in Catanzaro with Valerio Donato 40-44% e Nicola Fiorita of the center left to 27-31%.

Municipal elections 2022, the exit polls: center-right close to victory in the first round in Genoa and Palermo, one step away from L’Aquila. Tommasi surprise in Verona

by Valeria Forgnone, Laura Mari

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12.20 pm Minister D’Incà: “The parties should reflect on abstention”

“All political forces are obliged to carry out a profound reflection on the reasons that determine protest abstention and that due to disaffection as well as it is necessary to make a profound analysis on the use of referendum instruments. There are cultural and political reasons unavoidable that must be faced now, alongside the commitment to remove all obstacles that prevent full participation. We must no longer postpone “. This was declared by the Minister for Relations with the Parliament Federico D’Incà.

11.59 Toti: “Low turnout is an endemic problem”

“I think low turnout is now an endemic issue, unfortunately obviously a piece of the electorate has not yet gained sufficient confidence in politics to return to cast its own vote and on this all politics, of any color, must be questioned” . The president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, on the sidelines of the Assagenti assembly, comments on the low turnout at the polls.

11.32 am Brescia: “Against electronic voting abstention”

“After this electoral round, Minister Lamorgese cannot limit himself to attacking – albeit with all reasons – the defections of seat presidents in Palermo. In view of the elections politics requires a serious reflection on how to vote in Italy also to combat involuntary abstention “. This was stated by Giuseppe Brescia (M5s), chairman of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Chamber.” “In a mobile society – he adds – nailing the vote of the voters to the place of residence is madness. Abolishing the paper voting card thanks to technology is an obligation. Testing alternative voting solutions on a voluntary basis – from early voting, to post office, to electronic voting – is not a heresy “.

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