Each skin has its own beauty: the important thing is to take care of it – Donnamoderna

Each skin has its own beauty: the important thing is to take care of it - Donnamoderna

100% organic, certified and suitable for all skin types and needs, including sunscreen: this is how the new ErbaVita face cosmetics line helps every woman to take care of her skin

We all want to have a luminous skin, free of impurities and that can be considered “beautiful”, which is why it is essential to take proper care of it by following small precautions.

There are gestures that, if repeated daily and consistently, can really make a difference. We are talking about both beauty routine and a complex of factors related to lifestyle, first of all adequate protection from the sun’s rays.

Sun protection: first anti-aging step

It is well known that sunscreen products are to be considered among the first “anti-wrinkles” par excellence. The reason? The sunand the consequent exposure without adequate protection, weakens collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin more susceptible and causing skin laxity and sagging. Protecting your skin from UV rays is a health issue to prevent burns, but also much more serious damage.

We know well by now the terms UVA and UVB referring to the sun’s rays, what perhaps not everyone knows is that, while UVB rays are more concentrated during the summer season, exposing our skin to a greater risk of sunburn and erythema, the concentration of UVA remains constant throughout the year, which is why it is important to protect the skin throughout the seasons, especially when long days outdoors are expected.

From the new Cosmetic Line Organic Beauty Care of Erba Vita, arrives SOLARIA, two sun creams with protection factor 30SPF, specific for face and body. The light texture leaves a pleasant sensation of softness on the skin. The formulations based on Aloe Vera and Lavender are specific to guarantee a complete protective and soothing action.

Constant cleansing and targeted hydration

We have already said that to take care of the skin in an adequate way it is essential to follow small tricks and repeat them daily. Cleansing and hydration must always be present during our days and it is essential that they are suitable for each skin type.

For example the oily skin you can recognize if the face “shines” already from 11 in the morning, while the dry skin it tends to “pull” during the afternoon hours. Sensitive skins recognize them immediately, they are more prone to irritation and sensations of heat, burning or other discomfort.

Often little time is spent on cleanse the skin of the face, when instead it is necessary to do it both in the morning, to free the skin from the residues of the night (mix of sebum and metabolic waste), and in the evening, to eliminate impurities accumulated during the day (between makeup and air pollution) .

In addition to specific cleansers, it is also always recommended to make a delicate scrub mask, once a week, which exfoliates the skin, helping it to eliminate dead cells.

Once the skin is clean and free of impurities it is time to pay attention to thehydration, taking care to choose the products suitable for your skin type. In the case of “normal or combination skin” the choice of products can follow the different seasons, preferring more cosmetics light in the summer and more nutrients for the cold season.

Organic Beauty Care by Erba Vita is a complete line of 13 cosmetic products formulated with natural ingredients, 100% organic, designed for every need: effective cleansing with Pura + Delicate Scrub Mask and Pure Face Cleanser, complete and targeted hydration with Remedia Drops, Remedia Face Cream and Booster Cream, energizing face and body, and specific products anti-aging to nourish, redensify and redefine the skin in its most delicate moment.

Let’s always remember that skin care doesn’t stop at the face! A good habit is to apply the treatments also to the neck and décolleté. Starting to take care of your skin before the appearance of discomfort or “suffering” is essential, even if time always seems to be short, remember that sooner or later you will thank yourself for being so careful!

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