Covid in Italy, the bulletin of June 13: 10,371 cases and 41 deaths

Covid in Italy, the bulletin of June 13: 10,371 cases and 41 deaths

The epidemic curve in Italy is still rising. There are 10,371 new Covid cases registered in the last 24 hours, against 18,678 yesterday but above all 8,512 last Monday. The swabs processed are 74,636 (yesterday 127,704) with the positivity rate dropping from 14.6% to 13.9%. The deaths are 41 (yesterday 26). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic thus rise to 167,432. There is also an increase in hospitalizations: there are 10 more intensive care units (yesterday -10) with 14 daily admissions, and they are 193 in all. In the ordinary wards, on the other hand, there are 92 more patients (yesterday +42), for a total of 4,210. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

Vaccine: 137,973,408 doses administered

137,973,408 doses of the anti Covid 19 vaccine administered in Italy, equal to 97.2% of the 141,898,395 delivered. Of these, 95,340,960 are from Pfizer BioNTech, 25,444,348 from Moderna, 11,514,523 from Vaxzevria, 6,726,093 from Pfizer pediatric, 1,849,471 from Janssen and 1,023,000 from Novavax. The data is from the dedicated report of the Ministry of Health updated at 6.17 on 13 June.

Ciccozzi, cases increase in the next 2-3 weeks

“The increase in Covid cases is certainly due to Omicron 5. We take snapshots of the prevalence status of the sub-variant when we see it and we are always 10 days late, so let’s say that if we think we are going to replicate what happened in Portugal, we should expect an increase in cases in the next 2-3 weeks and then the usual stabilization and descent “. Thus Massimo Ciccozzi, epidemiologist at the Biomedical Campus University of Rome. “We will probably see this. Plus we have restrictions that have been loosened, at least in public transport we should still think about putting the mask beyond the obligation. People who have taken Omicron 1 can get reinfected with Omicron 5. The Omicron-based vaccine. it will be ready in October, then we will see to whom it will need to be administered based on the September data. In Portugal hospitalizations have increased slightly, but intensive care has not, there is no increasing mortality “, he added.

Cartabellotta: Omicron ba5 shouldn’t overload hospitals

“The mask for the final exams? The minister should have decided with a circular rather than unloading responsibility on the principals”, says Nino Cartabelotta, president of the Gimbe foundation.
On Omicron ba5, Cartabelotta says: “What we know today is that it has a 15% higher transmissibility than Omicron 2 and has an evasion of the immune response. However, possible problems of hospital overload could only occur if the cases were to increase enormously. . At the moment 1 in a thousand goes to hospital. The variant is therefore much less serious, but some precautions must continue to be maintained. In closed and unventilated places it should continue to be worn. On the maturity exams it is very difficult to make judgments. What I don’t like is having downloaded the decision to the aids. If there is a health risk it is right for the health minister to decide, it would be advisable for there to be an ad hoc circular. “

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