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Caregivers, choose the right one for you in 10 steps | DonnaModerna.it

P.Arting from the needs of the fragile person, we then move on to the tasks to be performed. Badacare takes care of the rest

It is believed that the main problem of Italian families is organizing the care of children. But with an increasingly aging population, there is also another equally important priority: assistance to elderly parents or relatives.

It is not always possible to deal with it in person. This is why the task is delegated to a person caretaker. But how do you find, among many, the right person to trust?

This is where it comes into play Badacarea startup born in 2019, which connects “guardian angels” and families who need support in this delicate mission: choose the caregiver to entrust your loved ones to … in 10 steps.

Analyze the needs of the frail person

The first step to take when hiring a caregiver is to have a clear idea of ​​what they are care needs which must satisfy.

Does the elderly have limited physical autonomy? Does he suffer from a psychological disability? To answer these and other questions, it is necessary to seek help from the family doctor, who will be able to define the basic treatments to be administered to the patient.

Clarify the duties of the caregiver

The family assistant must be able to guarantee some basic tasks. Among these, he has to take care of the patient’s personal hygiene, prepare meals, make sure that he takes medications. And then, he has to do the shopping, clean the environments in which the elderly person lives.

In addition to these routine tasks, the caregiver will need to provide company to the client. It is perhaps the most important cure, to avoid, among other problems, the rapid decline of the cognitive abilities of the elderly, and passes from dialogue and from relation which is established between “patient” and assistant, an aspect that too often is neglected.

Last but not least, the assistant must commit to take the client out of the home at least once a day, as much as possible, even if only for a short walk in the fresh air.

To avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises, it is essential to request availability for these tasks during the interview.


Highlight the patient’s pathologies

If the frail person is suffering from one neurodegenerative pathologysuch as Alzheimer’s, the caregiver needs to be aware of the work and care they will need to provide.

Also in this case Badacare is able to provide the necessary specialized support, selecting from the outset the profiles of only people with skills right to take care of people suffering from specific pathologies.

Calculate your budget

Supporting a caregiver to loved ones is a choice that must also take into account the cost that this decision entails.

For the salary of the family assistant, in full compliance with the national labor agreementvery often one relies on the pension of the assisted person or on his accompanying allowance if he is not self-sufficient.

But when there is no supplementary income, it is necessary to rely on family savings.

For this the budget linked to the choice of a caregiver, it must be carefully calculated, ensuring the assistant the right compensation, to ensure a relationship of trust, but above all a lasting one.


Ask what the needs of the caregiver are

Hiring a caregiver means welcoming a person who has specifics into your home needs.

Therefore, it should not seem strange if, during the interview phase, some requests will be made: such as having your own room, for example, or at least two hours of rest a day, or one and a half (continuous) a week. Usually these 36 hours coincide with the weekend, enabling the family to be available in the absence of assistance.

Look for a caregiver in the area

Finding a caregiver in a provincial town can be more difficult than in a large urban center. Indeed, Badacare has tens of thousands of profiles of family assistants registered in its network, located throughout the national territory.

Assess interpersonal skills

Not to be underestimated are the relational skills of candidates. If the person doesn’t show empathy, it is better to move on. To evaluate these skills, it is important to better organize the first cognitive interview between the family and the assistant.

During the same, ask specific questions such as “Why are you in the role of caregiver?”. In fact, from the answers to questions like this it will be possible to understand if the selected profile intends to carry out the care work as a life mission to help others live better.


Prepare the contract or letter of employment

Once the choice has been made, it will be time to write the contract or the letter of employment.

The job description, the attitudes not allowed, the working hours, the payment method and the amount of the salary must be highlighted, as well as information on the termination of the contract (which must be dated and signed by the worker and the employer).

In short, a real contract that must be valid in accordance with the law.

Service Badapay provided by Badacare, allows the family to facilitate families in the regularization of the employment relationship. The labor consultants who collaborate with Badacare will take care of everything, preparing all the documents useful for the regular hiring of the family assistant (contract, pay slip, monthly pay slips, quarterly communication of contributions, severance pay calculation, annual certification).

Visit the elder and the caregiver

Once the person has been found and hired, it is important to constantly monitor the person relation between caregiver and elderly person. While it is true that the professional caregiver has the job of making everything work at its best, that does not mean that he is responsible for everything.

Many families place the burden of the assisted person’s relationship and life organization on the caregiver, generating cases of burnout which can become real emergencies for families. All this is to be avoided, especially for the benefit of the client.

Relying on Badacare

If you think you don’t have the time to carry out all these steps, from interviews to evaluations, to hiring the right person, the solution comes from Badacarewhich relying on a national network of over 7,000 carers, all with a verified background, can take the place of the family in the preliminary selection phase.

The last word always belongs to the family, but it is certain that with its experience, efficiency and geographical coverage, Badacare is able to find the right person according to the specific needs of each family.

Because choosing with head and heart is important. But having the right allies makes the choice easier.

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