• May 28, 2023

Assisted suicide, deep sedation begins for Fabio Ridolfi. And Pellegrini fulfills his last wish: “A hug and a big kiss”

Fabio what is your last wish ?, was the question of a journalist addressed to Fabio Ridolfi in recent days. “Meet Pellegrini and Zaniolo”, the immediate response through the eye pointer and the speech synthesizer. From that moment a general mobilization began to reach the two favorites of his favorite team. Word of mouth that reached in a few hours Lorenzo Pellegrini, while he was busy retiring with the national team in the Nations League against England.

“I learned of your wish and I send you a hug and a big kiss”: this is how in a video message, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Roma and national team midfielder, fulfilled one of Fabio’s wishes. “Hello Lorenzo – replies Andrea Ridolfi, Fabio’s brother, turning to Pellegrini – I wanted to thank you on behalf of all my family and in particular of Fabio for the thought you had towards him. You have fulfilled his wish and it was a huge gift for him. As I told him recently “you are leaving as European Champion” and this cup makes him even more proud to support Rome. Thank you very much “.

“Thanks very much to Lorenzo Pellegrini, for his enormous sensitivity in having sent this message and thus corresponded to Fabio’s wish, while he was busy preparing the match for the national team that would be on the field in a few hours”, this is the reaction of Filomena Gallo, lawyer of Fabio Ridolfi and secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association. “However, he found the time to greet him despite the tension that accompanies the pre-match of those who are about to represent their country. This is attention, sensitivity, thought, respect – continues Gallo – the Government should have intervened responsibly and promptly against the company. health that is denying the end of life requested by Fabio. Against these delays, intervening immediately, avoiding an epilogue that he would not have wanted “.

Deep sedation is underway

Today the deep sedation began for Fabio Ridolfi, the 46-year-old from Fermignano (Pesaro Urbino), who had obtained the consent of the Marche Region Ethics Committee to medically assisted suicide and then stopped on the failure to indicate the drug.


Fabio, who has been bedridden for 18 years due to quadriparesis and can only communicate with an eye pointer, has chosen sedation. Yesterday was the town gathered in the square for a vigil: “we want to greet him and make him understand that all Fermignano is with him and his family” said the mayor Emanuele Feduzi. “Fabio will have what he wanted” the comment of his brother Andrea.

“Don’t be sad, it will be a liberation for him” added Andrea amid the emotional applause of the crowd in the square. Among the people also the heavy metal group with which the 46-year-old played as a young man who performed a piece by metallica, the Pro loco, the local associations, the archers of the Castrum Firmignani and the Fermignanese fans, with a banner: ‘Respect for Fabio’ .

Representing the Luca Coscioni Association, which has followed Fabio’s case for years, is Matteo Mainardi, coordinator of the Campaign for Legal Euthanasia. For deep sedation Fabio will be transferred to the Fossombrone hospice.

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