• May 28, 2023

Administrative elections, Salvini: “The united center-right wins, divided it goes to the ballot. The leader will decide on the next policies”

The day after the flop of the referendum on justice and during the counting of the administrative offices, he makes himself heard Matteo Salvini. On one issue he seems to have no doubts: “The united center-right wins, divided as in Verona he could win but if he plays it in the ballot – he said at a press conference in via Bellerio in Milan – In Verona if he had presented himself united he would have won”. In Verona, from the first data of the poll, the former Roma player has the advantage Damiano Tommasi who will go to the ballot with Federico Sboarina (Fdi), in front of Flavio Tosi (center right).

While waiting to know the definitive results of the first administrative session, Salvini looks ahead to 2023: “The Italians will decide the center-right leader in the next policies – observes the League secretary – Who will make the Prime Minister the Italians will decide. I’m interested in the center-right going forward. If the League had a striking result but lost the center-right I wouldn’t go anywhere “. And therefore “unlike those who spend their time arguing, I work for the united center-right”, adds Salvini, who gathered the party in the headquarters in via Bellerio. After an analysis on the referendum of the
Justice, with the commitment to continue the battle for reforms, and pending the counting of the administrative offices, there is cautious satisfaction with the news that give the center-right an advantage.

Center-right united, therefore, and the coalition’s “glue league”, “even sacrificing itself, is the winning way”, he said, commenting on the results of the administrative offices and underlining, among other things, the party’s “contribution” to Palermo and Genoa. And he goes into detail: “The two results given for certain are that Palermo passes to the center-right and Genoa remains to the center-right with well over 50% of the preferences. We have given life, body, blood and oxygen to the Genoa model. Bucci mayor for another 5 years for us is a source of pride. In Verona it is clear where the League was, we were there with Zaia until the last evening. With the ballots on Sunday 26 June, the more games you win in the first round, the better “, he comments again.

Even the referendum tile: too many stumbles for Salvini. Today I face in the League

by Emanuele Lauria

Returning to Palermo. The Northern League leader talks about the great confusion in the polling stations where about fifty presidents yesterday during the election day did not turn up, resuming the start of the elections. “I took the liberty of calling the Quirinale, around noon, because it seemed to me a situation of theft of democracy from the fourth world. The president told me that he was following the situation for half an hour in half an hour. It is necessary to understand what it is not. gone. Lamorgese intervened a few hours later, a disaster “, he comments.

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