5 things about your relationship that you need to say enough, right away

5 things about your relationship that you need to say enough, right away

Qhen to say enough in a relationship? 5 things that should prompt you to quit now!

Sometimes say enough in a relationship it is not easy, but it is necessary. Quarrels and misunderstandings happen in a love story, but there are problems that absolutely cannot be ignored. If he insults you and treats you badly in fights, raising his voice whenever he can, if he even beats you or undermines your self-esteem, you don’t have to put up with it in any way.

At the base of every love story there must be values ​​such as love, respect and understanding. This is what it can give you happiness and you must not for any reason stop and endure for any reason. As the saying goes: better sun than badly accompanied. So take a moment to think, think about your bond and try to understand if there is something wrong in the love story you are experiencing and that should lead you to say enough.

When you fight, he screams and insults you

Arguing when you are in a couple is normal and discussions, if managed well, can turn into a tool for growth. So quarrels can be therapeutic, but only in some cases. Because if its goal is solely to hurt or insult youthe situation changes. It happens, for example, when he starts screaming for futile reasons, he treats you badly and is unable to have a conversation without raising his voice or uttering terrible insults.

Hurting and treating each other badly it is never the right way to build a happy and healthy relationship, if he doesn’t understand it it means he doesn’t deserve you. The offensive and violent tones, even when he is very angry, should never, ever be tolerated. A partner who is unable to respect you and only knows how to treat you badly is not right for you. Better run away, now!

He betrays you

Infidelity is something that a couple can overcome with commitment. The speech, however, is very different if he, after you discovered his betrayal, continued to do so, despite your suffering. If he ignores what you are feeling and the pain he is causing you, it means that he is not only numb, but also selfish. A partner like that doesn’t love you and doesn’t have to have another shred of your time.

Getting away from someone you love isn’t easy, but you can’t condemn yourself to a life of unhappiness and constant betrayal. You deserve to be treated like the unique and special person that you are. “I’m sorry”, “I didn’t want to”, “I don’t do it anymore”, “The other one was nothing”: these are phrases that you must not and cannot bear. You need much more: don’t forget that.

He beats you and threatens you

Violence, both physical and psychological, is unacceptable. A partner who insults, demeans, or threatens you has no excuse. Saying enough to an abusive bond is never easy, we know. Get help, talk to someone, and search the support you need. Always remember that you have done nothing to deserve this, but that she is the other person who is wrong, not you.

He manipulates you

One day you are the woman of his life, the next he doesn’t even deserve a glance. She fills you with congratulations and attention, only to get you paid for everything a few minutes later, making you feel inadequate and useless. Some people believe that relationships are all about tactics and games. An attitude related to immaturity that is not normal, on the contrary, denotes one emotional instability.

You need respect, not someone who keeps you on a roller coaster, plays with your feelings and destroys your self-esteem. Don’t waste time thinking this is normal, because it isn’t. Love is understanding, help and support, it is sharing feelings and kindness, not suffering.

Doesn’t respect you

In a healthy relationship, partners are on the same level and build the relationship by supporting and helping each other. If he does not respect you, if he does nothing but belittle you (even in front of others), if he never asks you how you are and has a retrograde view of the couple you should run away as far away as possible. A person who loves you first of all helps you and is happy with your goals. She knows how to enhance your qualities and is proud of you.

When this doesn’t happen you should be wondering if the person you have chosen is really the right one for you. You may have gotten stuck in a romance that is not only wrong, but also detrimental to your self-esteem.


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