• May 28, 2023

The publisher and music producer Piero Sugar, husband of Caterina Caselli, has died

He died last night, in his home in Milan, Piero Sugareditor and music producer, husband of Caterina Caselli. She was 84 years old. Born in 1937, he was the son of Ladislao Sugar, known for having founded the Messaggerie Musicali and managed the CGD. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon, Monday 13 June, in the church of San Marco in Milan, privately, by decision of the family that has chosen the strictest confidentiality in these hours. The announcement was made Bobo Craxi, with a message on Twitter. “Piero Sugar was an excellent Italian. A cultural entrepreneur, a gentleman. I mourn his disappearance, ”he wrote.

Caterina Caselli, black and white confessions

by Antonio Dipollina

“Since 1932 Sugar has contributed to the growth and definition of a musical culture in Italy. His search for originality and uniqueness is expressed in sounds that are also very different from each other, from soundtracks to pop through classical and contemporary music, but always belonging to a single strong Italian matrix. Sugar is characterized by the sensitivity of seeing beyond appearances, building projects that highlight the truest and most human nature of artists, often going against the tide of fashions and expectations. In this way, Sugar’s highly independent character meets her deep and curious musical soul. An international company that speaks Italian also abroad, Sugar is committed to bringing the talent of our artists all over the world, a talent that we value with commitment and love, every day ”, reads the label’s official website.

He joined his father’s company in the late 1960s, Piero he later became CEO, leading it successfully. Piero met his future wife, Catherine, when they were very young. In 1966, he had entrusted the piece to her No one can judge mewhich had been discarded by Adriano Celentano. They then married in 1970 when she was 24. It was born in 1971 Philipcurrently leading the group Sugar.

The following year the son was born Philipnow 50, who din 1997 he leads the Sugar Group as CEO and becomes president of Siae from 2015 to 2018. In 1989 Caterina Caselli Sugar in fact he founded Insieme-Sugar, later Sugar. Among the artists of the stable, Andrea Bocelli, Malika Ayane, the Negramaro, Raphael Gualazzi, Madame, Motta, Sangiovanni.

In the meantime, the manifestations of affection and gratitude towards the man and the entrepreneur are not late. Mario Lavezzi shared his condolences on social media: “Today the sad news has arrived that Piero Sugar has left us. He has been for many years, together with Caterina Caselli, publisher and record company of many of my successes and also a friend. It is a deep pain for me. Hi Piero”.

Even the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini comments on the death of Sugar: “With Piero Sugar the Italian entertainment world loses a great protagonist: a music publisher and record producer who throughout his long career has been able to anticipate the times, experiment and bet on new talents. On this sad day I cling to the pain of my wife Caterina Caselliof the son Philip and of the many friends and colleagues who accompanied him in his life “.

“Sincere condolences a Caterina Caselli and to the son Philip for the loss of her husband and father Piero Sugar“, he writes instead Tonino Cripezzisinger and keyboardist of the Chameleons.

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