• June 8, 2023

The first episode of Ms Marvel on Disney + is out: what we think about it and at what time the episodes are out

It just landed on Disney + a new superhero from Marvel: Kamala Khana normal one 16 year old Pakistani-Muslim who lives in New Jersey. Ms Marvel Now Out Review

The girl, avengers fanand above all of Captain Marvelmust juggle the school, the choice of university and its future, friends and a not very permissive mother.

For now it is available only the first episode: but when do the others leave and at what time are they available?

Ms Marvel: when and at what time the episodes on Disney + come out

June 8th the first episode of Ms Marvel is outon the Disney + streaming platform: but when will the next episodes be available?

Well, as with many other series, even Ms Marvel it will be a weekly appointmentand then every Wednesday there will be an episode on Disney +. In all the series consists of 6 episodesso the young Kamala Khan will keep us company for the next 5 Wednesdays.

The time from which they will be available the bets are 9:00 in the morning, Italian time. So, shortly after the alarm clock, it will be possible to see the new episode of the week, although, of course, they will always be available from the day of release onwards, to be seen even without haste.

Ms Marvel, what we think: plot and what to expect from the new series

For now, only the first episode of the new series on Ms Marvel has been made available, but it is already possible to get an idea. This new project, view the young age of the protagonist and the tone used since the first episodeit is undoubtedly unlike any other Marvel series available on Disney +.

As an atmosphere it is in fact more like Spider-Manas in both cases, at least in the first film, the protagonists are two teenagers a little lost and marginalized in their school; until something happens in their lives.

The mood of the first episode of Ms Marvel is set to the teen dramashowing us the difficulties young Kamala is facing as a normal teenager in New Jersey. So immediately we discover that the protagonist she is a tenacious girl who is not easily discouraged, stubborn and brillianthowever, in search of approval from his parentsespecially his own mom, very strict with her. Luckily Kamala he can count on his friendsespecially on Brunohis classmate, well-liked by all and a genius of electronics.

The series thus turns out colorful, dynamic, with a pleasant direction and with animationsranging from animated murals on the walls of the buildings, with neon lights coming to life, really well done and very well contextualized. The first episode it lasts almost 50 minutesbut it has no downtime, it is smooth and pleasant to followenough to make you want to see the next episode, which will be released on Wednesday 15 June!

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