• June 5, 2023

Sections closed in Palermo, the prosecutor opens an investigation: “But there is no preordained plan”

From organizational disaster to court case. After the chaos of polling stations that caused a delay of hours in the opening of 50 sections, the Municipality sent to the prosecutor all the documents relating to the organization of the vote in Palermo.

In particular, the magistrates of the pool of the assistant prosecutor Sergio Demontis, head of the Public Administration sector, were informed of the names of the presidents who gave up at the last minute, effectively blocking the voting operations. And now they could be in trouble, unless they can document a reasoned justification for the absence.

Presidents are missing: in Palermo I vote late in dozens of seats, “deserters” denounced

by Claudio Reale

Whoever decides to take on the position of scrutineer or seat president is a public official, therefore – according to the opinion of some lawyers – they could even be accused of omitting or refusing official acts, as well as of interruption of public service.

The origin of the chaos bears the date of yesterday. Between the afternoon and the late evening, suddenly 174 out of 600 presidents resigned from their posts. The municipal car was immediately set in motion, employees and officials put their hand to the lists and contacted anyone who made themselves available.

But few have accepted the assignment and almost no one has replied to e-mails and “recruiting” messages circulated by e-mail and whatsapp. In order to open the sections, some municipal officials and leaders were also ordered, but equally this morning fifty sections were unable to start voting.

In the school blocked in Borgo Nuovo: “We came from the sea to vote, we won’t be back”

by Miriam Di Peri

In spite of more or less veiled insinuations in the political controversies of the last hour, at the moment there is a tendency to exclude that there is a preordained plan behind the forfeit. Rather, a matter of lack of civic sense. And cheering.

Chaos seats in Palermo, travel to a closed section: “Vote to be canceled”

For more than one, to push more than one to give up the job, in addition to the great heat and certainly not stellar remuneration, there could be the match of Palermo, which in the evening will play the final of the playoffs for access to Serie B. E controversy begins to mount on this as well.

Elections in Sicily: 120 municipalities to vote, in Palermo and Messina the most important challenges

In recent weeks, the Prefecture of Palermo had been asked by several parties to evaluate the opportunity to bring the match forward by one day to prevent it from overlapping the appointment with the polling stations.

Many feared that between the stadium and the polls, most of the voters would end up choosing to cheer on Palermo, eventually fueling the abstention rate which reached 47 percent in the latest consultations. In addition, there was a possible problem of public order, with the police divided between the Barbera presidium and that of the polling stations. “Necessary – it is said today – as confirmed by the arrests of two candidates who asked the bosses for help to collect votes”. But the Prefecture has decided to leave the program unchanged.

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