• May 28, 2023

Presidents are missing: in Palermo I vote late in dozens of seats, “deserters” denounced

The voting operations begin in the sign of chaos in Palermo. After yesterday’s difficulties, when over 90 polling presidents (about one out of six) gave up at the last minute causing cascading problems in the organization of the vote, about 50 sections were still closed when the polls were opened. As the hours went by, thirteen sections were opened thanks to alternate presidents.

Shortly before 1pm, the Interior Ministry let it be known that “voting operations are moving towards normality”. The Ministry of the Interior makes it known that it is not possible to extend the opening hours of the polling stations. However, the law provides that all voters present at the polling stations at 11pm, at the time of closing, have the right to vote, even if this continues for hours. At 1 pm the turning point: “The presidents were found everywhere – guarantees Alessandra Autore, head of the electoral service of the Municipality of Palermo – and in almost all sections they have already settled”. The Ministry of the Interior had suggested merging the inoperative sections with the active ones, but in the meantime the problem has been solved.

But for all the deserters the complaint was triggered. The Municipality has presented a complaint to the prosecutor with the names of the presidents who have evaded their office without justified reason. “In relation to the situation caused by the renunciation by persons appointed to carry out the function of presidents of the poll, while trying to remedy the consequences of this irresponsible behavior, the municipal administration is sending the documents to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for each action of competence aimed at ascertaining criminal liability “, reads a note issued by the administration.

The Municipality: “The fault of the game”

According to sources of the Municipality, “the feeling is that the Palermo match has something to do with this desertion”. Tonight the rosanero club challenges Padova in the play-off final for promotion to Serie B: “Maybe because they paid little, maybe because of the coincidence with the match and the party that could arise the next day, and maybe someone already had the ticket for the stadium in your pocket, here in the end they gave up. A candidate for the City Council, Mariangela Di Gangiinstead blames the compensation: “We are all upset when the corporals pay the laborers 3 euros an hour but we say nothing when the state pays the presidents 3 euros an hour, and even less so the scrutinizers and scrutinatrici – attacks – Today’s chaos is solely the fault of the ‘state hiring’ of those who think that 280 euros for four days of almost uninterrupted work are a decent amount “.

In the school blocked in Borgo Nuovo: “We came from the sea to vote, we won’t be back”

by Miriam Di Peri

Salvini: “Theft of democracy”

League sources speak of “serious and unacceptable situation” and “democracy at risk”, appealing to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to save the fate of the referendum: “It is necessary to extend the voting time”, they say. “” Not even in the condominium elections there is this carelessness – he attacks Matteo Salvini – this is a theft of democracy “.” In Palermo – he writes on Twitter Carlo Calenda – the situation is hallucinating. Many people return home without having been able to vote. It is unworthy of a civilized country. ” Giorgia Meloni Instead, he relies on Facebook and writes: “In Palermo, several polling stations closed and voters rejected. All this is very serious. The Prefect and the Interior Ministry should intervene immediately”. For Antonio Tajani “What is happening in Palermo is very serious, where many people have been rejected from the seats that are not open due to an evident disorganization”.

The center-right candidate for mayor Roberto Lagalla he asked for “a decisive and immediate intervention by the national government, to guarantee the effective regularity of the administrative elections”. “I advise everyone to go and vote, if possible, after lunch,” he says instead Fabrizio Ferrandelli, candidate for mayor of + Europe and Action. “Let the prosecutor intervene”, asks the Sicilianist Ciro Lomonte. While the center-left mayoral candidate Franco Miceli publishes a video in which he states: “A very serious event has happened. I spoke to the prefect of Palermo to ask for a prompt intervention that is decisive in order to try to continue voting operations as normal. Some sections are still incomplete with the presidents who they have not settled “. And he adds: “I take this opportunity to express my solidarity with the municipal employees who last night tried to comply with the absence of the presidents with an extraordinary job”. They also ask for an extension of the vote Totò Cuffaro And Civic Left Ecologist.

President Mattarella at the polling station in Palermo. A small crowd awaited him

by Alessia Candito

The Bar Association: “Vote to be canceled”

The Bar Association is already sharpening the issues for appeals: “What is happening in Palermo is of an extreme gravity, such as to distort these elections – says the president of the Palermo order. Antonella Armetta – If a single citizen has been denied the right to vote, the elections are voidable. But the political attack is not acceptable because the responsibility for managing the polling presidents does not lie with the municipalities. The Minister of the Interior intervenes immediately, these elections must be stopped here “.

Emergency throughout the city

Emergency situations are reported to the Gregorio Russo school in via Tindari, in Borgo Nuovo, and in two out of 4 sections of the Aristide Gabelli school in via Palazzotto, in the Zisa. Here, for example, the teller Giuseppe Guglielmini is already on the second empty day: “Yesterday – he says – we arrived here at 3.45 pm and we waited until 1.45 am for the president to be appointed for the seat to take office. This morning we returned at 6, but still nothing. People are out of polls and want to vote. “

Palermo municipal elections, from Cuffaro to the Falcone case, the opaque race of Lagalla: no big names at the final rally

by Carmelo Lopapa

Many voters were thus rejected. “Never happened before – writes for example on Facebook the former president of the Order of Engineers Alessandro Calìwho votes in via Valverde, in the historic center – I go to vote and they tell me ‘seat not constituted, come back in the afternoon’ “. Similar situation to Cruillas:” In our section – he tells Ansa Marcella Gerbini, scrutinizer at the Cruillas institute in via Salerno – the president is still missing. Several voters have already arrived who have asked to vote but we have explained to them that there are some problems and they have replied that they will return later, but that is not necessarily given the good day and the match “.

Municipal elections, tests for leaders and parties: Conte and Salvini risk more

by Emanuele Lauria

In search of the lost president

The Municipality, for its part, spreads its arms: “We worked all night – says the general secretary of the Municipality, Antonio Le Donne – we are notifying the latest appointments. “The race for the presidency starts: the Municipality is appointing some of its officials, but appeals to citizens to come forward:” Anyone interested in holding the position of president of the electoral section – says Author, head of the electoral office – can send an email indicating name, surname, telephone number and address to ufficiocoordinamentoelettorale@comune.palermo.it “. The requirements are a high school diploma, the enjoyment of political rights, not having a criminal record and not have candidate relatives. The remuneration is 280 euros for the commitment until the end of the ballot operations.

Elections in Sicily: 120 municipalities to vote, in Palermo and Messina the most important challenges

This is not the only emergency situation. Last night several sections reported the absence of ballots or the delay in the preliminary operations: in fact, before the vote begins, the president must endorse the ballot and sign it. In various sections of the city, for example in the seaside village of Sferracavallo, problems on this front are reported this morning as well.

In Palermo the thrust of the clans to the seats. Cosa Nostra becomes parasitic again and points to the funds of the NRP

by Enrico Bellavia

Already last night the parties pointed the finger at the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese: “A serious and alarming situation – he said yesterday Riccardo Magi di + Europa – I ask Minister Lamorgese to intervene with the utmost urgency to restore legality and democracy and guarantee the citizens of Palermo the right to vote. “Protests also from the Democratic Party.

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