• June 5, 2023

OnePodcast + arrives on Apple Podcast: five new exclusive contents

OnePodcast, the exclusive app that collects the entire audio production of the Gedi group, launches tomorrow on Apple Podcast the channel OnePodcast +: an exclusive offer of premium information, in-depth and entertainment content that enriches the vast selection of free podcasts already available in the catalog.

The offer of series produced by OnePodcast thus becomes even more accessible, which since its debut in January of this year, has conquered the Italian leadership in the production of audio content, thanks to its 2,000 published episodes. And with the arrival of five new exclusive content.

Nicola Longo, a life as an infiltrator
by Antonio Iovane

5 episodes of 25 ‘, two episodes on June 8, then one a week

There is an Italian policeman who in the 1970s had to deal with the most powerful drug dealing organizations: Clan dei Marseillaise and Banda della Magliana. Who arrested international drug traffickers, Coco Tavares and Jack Masia. That he revealed where Renato Vallanzasca was hiding or where General James Lee Dozier, kidnapped by the Red Brigades, was hidden. Who with his exploits made Federico Fellini fall in love with him and inspired the police films of the 70s. His name is Nicola Longo, he was an infiltrator of the secret services and this is the story of his life. An undercover life. ?

Words hurt
by Luigi Lupo

5 episode of 25 ‘- block release

In January 2013, a girl takes her own life after having suffered the violence of some peers. Her name is Carolina Picchio, and she is the victim of yet another case of bullying that ends in tragedy. But from that death the first European law on bullying was born. How is the situation of bullying in Italy today? Who is it that works in the prevention and containment of damage? And is the law working? Bullies! it is a journey into the violence between students in Italian schools. Through the direct experiences of some victims, some experts but also of former bullies, we tell a phenomenon in great evolution and which is increasingly divided between school desks and social networks.

by Federico Pace

5 episodes of 30 ‘- One a week

The season when everything seems possible. The one that more than any other reveals something unusual on the horizon. The one capable of evoking desires and triggering expectations. You almost have the feeling that with its arrival you can feel a little more yourself. Five episodes to tell five characters grappling with the most significant summer of their lives: Amy Winehouse, Vincent van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe, Paolo Rossi, Philippe Petit.

Guide to self defense against cybercriminals
by Giovanni Ziccardi and Paolo Cagnan

First season: 5 episodes of 20 ‘

Cybercrime now affects everyone, or almost everyone: from public companies to private multinationals, but above all – and increasingly – individual citizens: us. It’s an ever-changing world, with investigators chasing pirates. Here, exactly this is what “Guards and Thieves”, a guide to self-defense against cybercriminals, deals with. This podcast is edited by Giovanni Ziccardi with Paolo Cagnan and tells who steals our data, how and above all why. From the trading of health data to the risks of facial recognition, to the attack on our hyper-connected homes, pirates are everywhere and it is good to know.

Chronicle of a disaster (english version)
by Antonio Iovane

4 episodes of 30 ‘

On 10 April 1991 the Moby Prince ferry leaves from the port of Livorno towards Olbia, but at a distance of 2.7 nautical miles from the coast it collides with an oil tanker, the Agip Abruzzo. The crude oil enters the ferry and sets it on fire: 140 people die, only one man survives. The trials attribute the responsibility to the crew of the Moby, whose members are all dead. But was commander Ugo Chessa really surprised by the fog? And did the people on board actually die within half an hour, as the trials established, or could they be rescued? Through the words of experts, witnesses and relatives of the victims, Moby Prince – Chronicle of a disaster tells a different truth. This story isn’t over yet.

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