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“One. None. One hundred thousand”, Campovolo’s cry against violence – iO Donna

And2009 when Fiorella Mannoia, Elisa, Giorgia, Gianna Nannini, Laura Pausini and Alessandra Amoroso filled the San Siro with Friends for Abruzzo. Thirteen years later they are back to sing together – with the addition of Emma – for A. None. One hundred thousand., the biggest concert ever against violence against women.

Laura Pausini, the joy of winning the Golden Globe is irrepressible

Laura Pausini, the joy of winning the Golden Globe is irrepressible

A. None. One hundred thousand.the concert

They were in fact 100,000 people who Saturday 11 June they filled the RCF Arena of Reggio Emiliathat is to say Campovolo. On stage, seven of the greatest Italian singerstogether with as many male artists to send a message in unison: enough of gender-based violence. A strong message, launched in unison by the voices above and below the stage. Indeed, a «concert message», as Laura Pausini defined it, which «wants to be a cry. A “enough” with many a finals ».

Violence against women is “an unsolved problem”remembers Fiorella Mannoia. “More than 20 women have already been killed since the beginning of the year alone. In the previous year 118. We will continue to focus on this problem that has always plagued us ». A carpet of red signs embellishes the image of the 100,000 on the Campovolo lawn. A strong visual impact, but even stronger is the feeling that animated the event throughout its duration.

An event built in a meticulous way by the protagonists, so that each song acted as a trait d’union between the current condition of women and the hope for a better society. Unlike what usually happens, in A. None. One hundred thousand. each of the protagonists gave birth to a real concert, albeit of short duration. Each has sung between 7 and 10 songs And each hosted a male colleague on stage. “It was the first thing I thought of,” says Mannoia. An expedient to make them “be the first to become aware”.

A.  None.  Centomila., The concert in Campovolo.  (Courtesy press office Words and surroundings)

Emma, ​​Alessandra Amoroso, Giorgia, Fiorella Mannoia, Gianna Nannini, Laura Pausini Elisa on the stage of Una. None. One hundred thousand. (Courtesy press office Words and surroundings)

The male guest singers of the godmothers

In this fight a one of the deepest and most terrible plagues of today’s society«Everyone plays his part», he underlines in his own The weight of courage. And these 7 women decided to do it, sharing the scene with as many colleagues. Mannoia sang with Caparezza on the notes of General And Come to dance in Pugliawhile Emma with Brunori Sas (Blue lights, The truth), who defined the event as “one of those days that bring back trust in humanity”.

Alessandra Amoroso shared the stage with Diodato (Useless song, Make noise), Giorgia with Sottotono (Mastroianni, Turn your lights down low), Elisa with Tommaso Paradiso (Alone in the night, Do not be afraid), Gianna Nannini with Coez (Reason, Like in the songs) and finally, Laura Pausini hosted Eros Ramazzotti (The best thing).

The long evening of A. None. One hundred thousand. it was preceded by a mix of songs that warmed the audience. It took just a few moments for the 100,000 bystanders to go into raptures on the notes of Noise. Raffaella Carrà’s voice rang out in the immense arena and, for a few minutes, the audience turned into a real human wave. Among the other pieces proposed, I wanna dance with somebody, Girls just nanna have fun, Freedom And Nobody’s wife.

Emma: “We scream for women whose voices have been taken away”

Fiorella Mannoia opened the door, arrived on stage in an elegant white suit. From Sally to Fighterfrom The weight of courage to No consequencepassing through What women do not sayon the stage of Campovolo reminded the “200,000 raised arms” of the importance of fighting violence against women for ensure that no voice goes unheard. Then, he sent a message to the mighty of the Earth “Bombing”: “They are criminals and they all make me sick.”

Blond hair tied in a long ponytail, flared leather pants: Emma chose a rock outfit which sums up his personality well. A singer who has always he prefers direct language to turns of words and that this time too it does not betray its nature. “We have to scream, for all those women whose voices have been taken away,” she says even before the music starts.

“Things can change, not with words, but with deeds. Let’s hope that (the concert, nda) is the first in a very long series of changesthe”. In the lineup, some of his most famous songs: love me, I will be free, Love is not enough, My city, Stupid gaiety, I am beautiful, Fortuneand then close with It is like this every time.

Alessandra Amoroso and Giorgia’s out of program

Alessandra Amoroso inaugurated its own space with Propertyand then continue with Strangers starting from yesterday, Stupid, Anyway to go, Big smile And Living in color. “I tried to put together songs that made sense to me”, he anticipated at the press conference. On the choice of share the stage with Diodatohe added: «In Sanremo I was very excited. He came straight to me like a punch in the stomach. ‘

The winner of Sanremo 70 thanks his colleague for the invitation and adds: «Opening up to male colleagues was a wonderful gesture. (Violence against women, nda) is a problem that we must face first ». On stage, Amoroso remembers: «True love is not violence. True love exists and there is nothing more beautiful ».

For A. None. One hundred thousand. Giorgia he chose My best day, Drops of memory, I believe, You do not love me, You bring me up And Of Sun and of blue. “I did a set that wasn’t too melancholy. I have chosen pieces that people can sing and Drops of memory acts as a glue, ”he explains. And her voice was enough, accompanied by the verve that distinguishes her, to ensure that the 100,000 sing in unison the famous And then. A short, but intense and appreciated out of program. Finally, he recalls that “it should be natural to love and respect each other”.

The sweetness of Elisa and the rock of Gianna Nannini

Immediately after, Elisahaving concluded the moment shared with Tommaso Paradiso, he put the new one on the lineup Coastalfollowed by the Sanremo Or maybe it’s you. Yet, Also fragile, Light, No hero, Together, The obstacles of the heart And Your way. On Alone in the nightsays: “This song in this context takes on an even wider meaning. It is an event that goes beyond music. For the purpose, for everything we will do for the women and for the anti-violence centers that we will support“.

Giana Nanninithen, she wore a T-shirt with a quote from Simone de Beauvoir: “Femininity is a trap”. “This concert serves to raise awareness”, remember. In the lineup, The air is running out, Photoromance, America, Latin lover, Beautiful and impossible, You are in the soul And Wonderful creaturein addition to the pieces performed with Coez. On stage he gives himself from start to finish. He runs from side to side, without sparing himself. Gianna is pure energy. Campovolo is in raptures, the hosanna and would like that moment to last even longer.

Elisa keeps up with expectations: in San Remo her

Elisa keeps up with expectations: in San Remo her

Laura Pausini, a show within a show

Not bad, because shortly after, last but not least, Laura Pausinithat chooses to talk about violence against women in an unusual way. Direct, strong. Necessary. In the lineup inserts But nofollowed by Stay listening, As if it was never love, Between you and the sea, Half sentences, Box, I do And Similar.

It is clear from the outset that it will be a moment of entertainment, but also reflection. Opens with a woman’s phone call to the police after she was attacked by a man in the hall of the house. Silence falls on Campovolo and the same will happen with the contributions made by three men: Luca Argentero, Roberto Bolle and Alessandro Cattelan. Cattelan asks to say enough to violence through signs, Bolle and Argentero choose two poems. Intense moments, which explain the emergency better than a thousand words.

A.  None.  One hundred thousand., The final.  (Courtesy press office Words and surroundings)

The grand finale of the Una concert. None. One hundred thousand .. (Courtesy press office Words and surroundings)

At the press conference, Pausini explained the reasons for this choice, pointing the finger against the superficiality of which society is permeated. “Until you have someone by your side who tells you about it or you haven’t lived this experience directly, “he says,” you know it’s serious, but it doesn’t seem that upsetting to you. This concert may not solve the problem, but it will make noise. It will be a strong sounding board. Even if we manage to sensitize one or a hundred women who are afraid to report, we will have already won ».

For the grand finalethe seven artists greeted Campovolo singing all together You’ve got a friend. A choral moment that embellished the long evening.

The numbers of A. None. One hundred thousand.

A. None. One hundred thousand. saw the light after more than two years of gestation. Initially scheduled for September 19, 2020, was postponed several times due to the health emergency. A long wait, well rewarded by the response of the public. Thanks to the sale of the 100,000 tickets, in fact, they will be donated over 228 thousand euros to each of the anti-violence centers chosen by the singers.

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They are: EVA Social Cooperative, Antiviolence Center and Angela Morabito Refuge, Antiviolence Center Women’s Telephone and Ester Scardaccione Women’s Refuge, Lilith Woman Center. South-East Women Association, Le Onde Onlus Association and Perspective Woman Association. To these are added the 200,000 euros already donated to both CADMI and Pangea.


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