“My husband tortured by the Russians”, the proof on the death certificate

"My husband tortured by the Russians", the proof on the death certificate

ODESSA – “One day Denys left the house and told me he had to buy some petrol. He never came back.” Ksenia Myronova she tells us about the atrocious fate of her husband struggling with tears. Whenever the pain takes over she stops, she wants to stay clear, she needs to remember every detail. Denys was massacred in the Kherson torture chambers by Russian thugs, by a handful of sadists in balaclavas who tortured him for weeks. He died from the consequences of those tortures. And his assassination is yet another proof of Putin’s war crimes.

March 23 Denys Myronov he was thrown into the secret prisons at number 4 of Kirova, in Kherson, in the city occupied since March by Russian troops. On May 26, Mykolaiv police called Ksenia for recognition of his body. In between, two long months of desperate search for information and silence from the Russian authorities. Only thanks to three fellow prisoners, Ksenia was able to reconstruct the tortures inflicted on her husband: the continuous beatings, the electric shocks, the plastic bags stuck in his head to suffocate him, the psychological blackmail. “Denys died because he never spoke. He was buried as a hero. But I don’t rest easy. Neither did our son.”

Ksenia Myronova, what happened on March 23? And why was Denys arrested by the Russian occupiers?

“My husband was a fruit and vegetable trader. After the Russian invasion he joined the resistance. On March 23 he went out to buy some gasoline. At least, that’s what he told me so as not to worry me. In fact, they had summoned him and dozens of other partisans for a meeting. As it later emerged, it was a traitor’s trap. Denys is missing. In the first few days, I still received messages from his cell phone, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t him. It was his sadistic tormentors who made fun of me. They wrote “I’m a little late”, “I’ll be there in three days”, stuff like that. I started looking for his friends. No one had seen him again. Then I began to be afraid: I learned that his friend’s wife and children had also been taken away by the Russians. I took my son and on April 6 we fled from Kherson to Novomoskovsk “.

When did you first hear from your husband?

“When a neighbor called me and told me that a man and a woman had come to look for me at my house. His name was Aleksiy and he had my husband’s watch with him (Ksenia shows it to us during the video interview, ed) and he had been released for a prisoner swap. Then it was two other cellmates who helped me piece together what had happened to him: Anton and Igor. They both gave in to Russian pressure and talked. So they’re still alive. But I’ll be for always grateful and both for what they did for Denys. “

Ukraine, the denunciation of the horrors of Kherson: “600 civilians in the torture chambers”

by our correspondent Corrado Zunino

What happened to Denys?

“In the first few days they had put a sack on their heads and handcuffed everyone. And the brutal beatings started right away. Denys was treated with such violence that after a while he was unable to stand or lie down. pants and beat him with a stick until his legs turned black. Meanwhile they broke through his chest and broke his ribs, puncturing his lung. We know from the death certificate, because in two months he has never been able to see a doctor . He died from the consequences of that torture. The Russians told him “if you want a doctor you have to talk and you have to confess that you are a Nazi” “.

And he?

“He never said anything. When he couldn’t move anymore, his cellmates asked for a chair, and Denys slept in that little chair for 22 days, fed by them because he couldn’t even move his arms well. Russians continued to beat him, to have fun with plastic bags that they put on his head to give him the feeling that he was suffocating, to give him electric shocks. On April 18 they transferred him to Sevastopol “.

In the prison what is usually used for prisoner exchanges?

“Exactly. But instead he died shortly after, on April 23. And the Mykolaiv police called me over a month later, on May 26, to have the body recognized. My husband is only the first of a huge group of civilians detained. and tortured in the torture chambers of Kherson. He was buried here near me, in free Ukraine, with full military honors. Because he died a hero. “

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