Low referendum turnout, at 12 does not reach 7%: far quorum.  Towards failure

There are still a few hours left for the polls to close, but the quorum seems to be far away. At 12 noon the first data onturnout in the referendum of justice that the Interior Ministry provided with a delay of 5 hours, attests to a participation of 6.78% which reaches 6.79% only for the question relating to the separation of magistrates’ functions.

Among the regions in the lead are Liguria, with turnout reaching almost 10% (9.97%) and Friuli Venezia Giulia, at 9.10%. Molise is last, with 4.1%. Above the national average, Veneto, with 8.9%, Lombardy with 7.58%, and Emilia Romagna with 7.40%.

Many appeals to go to the polls by politicians and representatives of institutions. “Voting is the highest form of
participation in the public cause, a right and a duty of every citizen “, wrote the President of the Senate Elisabetta Alberti Casellati on social networks, posting a photo of her at the polling station.” Voting is not only a right but a duty, which concerns the administration of a city or a referendum is the maximum expression of the popular will. The idea has been affirmed that not going to vote in the referendum is a vote, but this is not the case because the institution of the referendum is damaged. Let’s go and vote no or yes, but let’s go and vote “. Thus the leader of Action Carlo Calenda. No statement on the other hand by Matteo Renzi. The senator and leader of
Italia Viva, voted today at 5.45 pm for the five referendums on justice, at the polling station set up at the Giovanni Villani primary school in Florence. Having reached the polling station together with his wife Agnese, he did not want to talk about today’s election day. “We voted – he said, outside the polling station – the comments will be made tomorrow: we respect the election silence”.

Far quorum, the comparison with the (failed) referendum of 2016

To indicate the almost certainty of the quorum not being reached is the fact that the figure on the turnout at 12 is even lower than that of another referendum that recorded the flop: the one on drilling on April 17, 2016. Even in that case in fact, they voted in a single day and at the time at the same time the turnout of voters was 8.36 per cent. At 7 pm, on the other hand, it was 23.48% and at 11 pm it was 31.19%. Numbers that will be similar to those of today.

The figure had already been announced for days, so much so that the Lega (promoter of the consultation with the Radials) had tried to run for cover by accusing the media, guilty (according to them) of not having given enough space to the five questions on the reform of the justice.

Referendum and quorum not reached, from assisted procreation to drilling the flop of 28 consultations

by Giovanna Casadio

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