Elections in Palermo, Rai exit polls: Lagalla mayor in the first round

Elections in Palermo, Rai exit polls: Lagalla mayor in the first round

The shadows don’t stop Roberto Lagalla. According to the exit polls of the Opiniio consortium for Rai, at the end of a day marked by controversy over the delay in the opening of the polling stations, Palermo already knows who will be the mayor after the end of the era of Leoluca Orlando: the center-right candidate exceeds the 40 percent necessary to win in the first round in Sicily, reaching a range between 43 and 47 percent against the 27-31 of the standard-bearer of the yellow and red field Franco Miceli. Behind all the others, starting with the standard-bearer of Action and + Europe Fabrizio Ferrandelliat 14-18 per cent, and to follow Rita Barbera, supported by Power to the people and a civic list, at 3-5 percent. Both Miceli and Lagalla have made it known that they do not want to comment on the exit polls. “In Sicily – said the head of the local authorities of the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia – there is an electoral law that I do not agree with. You win with 40 percent. The divisions in Palermo, however, could have been avoided. “Lagalla will comment only tomorrow, while Miceli confines himself to laconic statements:” I will speak only of the real data – he says – Certainly the very low turnout shows great disaffection. I want to thank the officials who have solved the problem created by the irresponsibility of those who have deserted the seats. We have other data that give different percentages, the ballot is possible “.” It’s not over – comments Ferrandelli – The exit polls are only forecasts and the separate vote cannot be intercepted. We will therefore have to understand what the polls will tell us and defend, in the polling stations, vote after vote “.

Lagalla would win at the end of an electoral campaign marked by very hard controversies. The first to hold the bank was the support to Lagalla of Totò Cuffaro And Marcello Dell’Utri and then, in the last week, also the arrest of two candidates for the City Council of his coalition who allegedly asked for votes from the bosses. On May 23, the controversies exceeded the alert level: overwhelmed by the controversies, Lagalla deserted the commemoration of the Capaci massacre, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. “If the candidates are wrong they will pay – he says Licia Ronzulli of Forza Italia – We will be a civil party, but this specific case cannot be used instrumentally is not correct “.

The municipal councils in Palermo lack presidents: in dozens of seats the vote begins at 2 pm “deserters” reported. Lamorgese: “Very serious fact”

by Claudio Reale

The UDC exponent was the super-favorite of the eve and was supported by the center-right in full force. However, Nello Musumeci’s coalition chose the former regional councilor after a tiring negotiation: the endorsements of Musumeci himself and the Brothers of Italy, who are asking for Musumeci’s reapplication, to decide the fate. For Miceli’s comeback, even the dragging effect of citizenship income, which in Palermo has about 100 thousand earners, was not enough. In the last few days Pd and Cinquestelle have tried to push Miceli’s comeback by deploying all the leaders, from Enrico Letta to Giuseppe Conte: the former prime minister, last week, allowed himself a two-day crowd bath in the popular neighborhoods.

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