• May 28, 2023

Crochet pants 2022, how to match crochet pants | iO Woman

L‘Summer 2022 is the season of great revivals. And if Y2K fashion goes wild with the return of the 2000s, so are the seventies they reappear more and more in the wardrobe. The strongest trend now? The crochet. Which in the summer, alongside tops, bags and dresses, takes on new forms: one above all, i trousers crochet – the ultimate must-have we didn’t know we needed.
crochet pants 2022

Where we saw them

Joni Mitchell and Cher, just to name two old-time champions of this newfound glamor in the Seventies. Today, their example is not only followed by It Girls like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, but also by stylists: on the catwalks of the Spring-Summer 2022 fashion shows, crochet trousers are very popular. Starting with those of the brands that have made the vintage revival their signature, such as the Danish Rotate – founded, just by chance, by a couple of influencers, Thora Valdimars And Jeanette Friis Madsen.

Hipster pants: five tips for wearing them with style

Hipster pants: five tips for wearing them with style

They know very well what is fashionable: in terms of crochet, in 2022 grandmothers are very likely to be asked by their granddaughters to make crochet pants long, medium-waisted, wide and soft, characterized by a geometricboho chic allure. The yarn that is the most popular: a sand-colored cottonperfect to be unlined on the water’s edge and surroundings – but also in the city, considering the neutral nuance.

crochet pants 2022

How to match crochet trousers in Summer 2022

Take a retro must-have and update it in a contemporary key: the diktat of Summer 2022, which sees its maximum trend in the Coastal Grandmother. The “grandmother who lives on the coast” probably wouldn’t wear them today, but her granddaughters, well, yes. So here is that the outfit to match them looks to the years of nostalgia rather than to the 70s: one tank top short in toweling like Britney Spears in the heyday, amphibians or massive moccasins. Under the mesh fabric you can see the briefs – or the bottom piece of the bikini: because it is undeniable that crochet pants are the latest in terms of cover-up.

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Packing them for those who are about to reach Ibiza or Mykonos is a must. The idea to wear them even in the metropolis: wear one opaque culotte in a contrasting color – black, so as not to slip into excess. The navel, strictly visible. For a wild night or a festival on the urban lawn, in the shade of the buildings. Summer is already here …


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