Cattolica, a young woman raped in the parking lot of a club on the beach.  A 22-year-old is arrested

CATHOLIC – He would have liked to react to that tall, muscular guy he met a little earlier in the disco. She wanted to scream, but she found herself out of breath and without strength to escape. Only later, when everything was over, she managed crying to tell what happened to a friend of hers. The call for help to 112 and the ambulance was triggered a few hours after midnight yesterday for a sexual violence that took place in the parking lot of a restaurant on the beach of Cattolica.

In a few hours, at around 9 this morning, the carabinieri of the Catholic lieutenancy, after collecting evidence and hearing witnesses, arrested the alleged perpetrator of the violence, a 22-year-old resident of Pesaro. A very fast investigation that led the carabinieri, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Annadomenica Gallucci, to track down a group of friends from Pesaro and to understand who was held responsible for raping the 20-year-old in Cattolica.

Thanks to the testimonies of the girl’s friends and mutual acquaintances, this morning the military knocked on the door of an apartment in Montecchio di Pesaro, arresting a boy, 22 years old, an Albanian citizen, with a clean record and accused of sexual assault and injury. employee of a construction company. The young man, who lives with his uncle and has never had problems with the police, is defended by the lawyer Marco Defendini of the Pesaro bar.

Now he is in prison in Rimini, where a validation hearing will be held in front of the investigating judge in the early days of next week. Waiting for the 22-year-old to explain to the judge and the defender what happened, at the moment there is the girl’s version. Immediately after the alarm given by a friend of the 20-year-old, who called the carabinieri and the ambulance, the young woman was taken to the emergency room where the doctors activated the anti-rape protocol. Positive feedback from the victim’s story would come from the testimonies of two girls and two boys who, in the immediacy of the events, attempted to confront the young Albanian. The 20-year-old in fact seems to have trusted the boy, secluding himself, precisely because he is a friend of mutual acquaintances.

Investigations will now focus on objective evidence as well as biological evidence that is likely to come after laboratory tests. “I have not yet spoken with my client – explained the lawyer Defendini – I will see him tomorrow in prison and we will look for an explanation to the whole affair”.

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