• May 28, 2023

Catanzaro, Municipal Exit Poll: it is a ballot between Donato and Fiorita

It will be a ballot between the center-left and a piece of the center-right in Catanzaro. For Fratelli d’Italia, despite the party of Giorgia Meloni almost forced the regional leader and deputy Wanda Ferro to lead the solo race to the Municipality, is a resounding thud (7-9%).

The game for the Municipality, however, is all open. In spite of announcements and perhaps forecasts, Valerio Donato, former Democratic Party who passed to the center-right as a candidate for mayor on the eve of the election campaign, cannot manage to secure the tricolor band in the first round. Supporting him are Lega, or rather his alias Prima Italia, Forza Italia and a battery of civics, but according to the first exit polls, 40-44 percent of the Catanzaro people reward him. Too few.

He will therefore have to deal with it Nicola Fiorita, which reaches 31-35 percent. University teacher, writer, progressive soul of the intellectuals of Catanzaro, he established himself as candidate for mayor in spite of the grumbling and maneuvers of sectors of the Democratic Party, which would have preferred a much more moderate name by far. To be precise, Donato who until the end tried to persuade to make the primary.

Too bad he was already negotiating with the center-right, or rather with the Lega which in Catanzaro was the pivot of the mini-coalition, with the president of the regional council Filippo Mancuso to be a great weaver. And firefighter. Because when the mayoral candidate Donato let it slip that on stage with the “Captain” Matteo Salvini he would never, ever get on it, many jumped out of their chairs, especially around via Bellerio. In the end, it was decided that it was too late to change course and that the opportunity would be good to compete with FdI.

In spite of Ferro’s excellent personal relations with Donato, whose law firm the regional leader of Meloni’s party also entrusted, from Rome the hypothesis of supporting him was quashed with a very dry No, which was followed by a very tormented search of candidate. Result, a set-up found late and badly, which prepared the thud, which arrived despite the endorsement of Sergio Abramo“eternal” mayor of Catanzaro, for a long time in Forza Italia, who ruled for 18 of the last 25 years.

It is not the only piece of the center-right that has decided to go its own way. To try the solo race too Antonello Talericosponsored by Mimmo Tallini. Ancient reuccio di Fi in Catanzaro, Tallini about two years ago was overwhelmed by an embarrassing judicial investigation for external competition in mafia association and exchange vote, from which he was acquitted. And now in search of revenge also against those who dumped him at the time. In the quarrelsome center-right of Catanzaro, personal and political often get confused. This is why it is not certain that the mosaic will be recomposed for the second round.

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