Because as a couple it is important to look in the same direction

Because as a couple it is important to look in the same direction

TOtrue things in common with the person you are in a relationship with matters but not as much as looking at the same point on the horizon

Very often themistake of believing that it is the similarities between partners that make relationships last. Although undoubtedly having things in common is essential to carry on a sentimental and emotional relationship with another person, this is not the only aspect to take into consideration, and perhaps not even the priority one. Basicinstead, look in the same direction.

What does it mean to look in the same direction

“Love is not looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction”. How many times have you read or heard this writer’s aphorism recite Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? And how many seemed a good sentence for you movie or cards inside the chocolatesni or a little more?

However, behind what with the passage of time has transformed in many ways into a slogan like many others, there is an absolute truth and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the master keyor one of the most important of the deck, to make a relationship last and see it grow over time. In fact, suggesting to look in the same direction is not simply a way to evoke a romantic and mushy image, but much more. Looking in the same direction means have the same ideas about the world and, above all, be clear about what they are your life goals and how to pursue them.

Why common planning is so important

Love is the stronger feeling that exists, that has always moved the world and determines its fate. Precisely because of the power and charm it releases, however, it is often pursued at any cost, without people really taking into account what is good for them.

Looking for a partner or a companion who looks in the same direction is not always simple but necessary.

After the initial momentsi, in which falling in love, overwhelming passion and the desire to spend as much time as possible with the or partner regardless of everything decrease, in fact, it is precisely planning that makes a relationship solid towards the great choices in life, which obviously do not include the desire to go to a concert or dinner out or not. When we talk about shared projects, in fact, we mean those decisions capable of changing the course of one’s existence and to determine stages of happiness, satisfaction or, conversely, frustration and sadness.

The main ones are the willingness or not to create a family, buy one or not hometo have sons, living in one city rather than another, prioritizing work or not doing it. However, even in identifying the aspects of a project that must be shared so as to look in the same direction, each couple sets rules and own priorities.

Having a future vision that is shared as much as possible, even if it is not the only element able to act as a glue between two people, is a fundamental aspect, also because when, instead, the projects I am absent or not sharedthe risk is that the initial flame that burning had allowed two people to become a couple will fade and the propulsive thrust is no longer sufficient to move forward.

To have projects that change, evolve and renew themselves continuously, it allows the couple to regenerate and rediscover each other every day, readjusting together with the prospects that occur, even when the projects do not materialize as expected.

Obviously in the course of life each project can be upset but as long as there is an alignment between the partners with respect to those that, regardless of the events, should remain the priorities and the paths to be taken, the couple can remain able to face difficulties.

Other key elements to make a relationship last

If it is not only character similarities or physical affinities that determine the success of a relationship, but rather common goals, however, we must not forget the other aspectsnecessary to avoid as much as possible the possibility that everything collapses.

First, to love means accept the other person for what it is, despite, indeed above all, its faults and don’t try to change it to make it more adherent to an ideal that exists only in your imagination or that in any case does not correspond to the characteristics of those in front of you.

To make a relationship last is also crucial to trust in the other or the other e don’t be looking for perfection but accept that no one, including you, is. Also remember to don’t be oppressive but to give the person you have chosen the opportunity to express themselves and experience independently, while obviously sharing their projects with you.

To grow together as a couple, it is finally important to share life with one person who is ready to support you in negative moments, to encourage you to always give your best, a rejoice of your successes and with which laugh of taste for the same things.

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