• May 29, 2023

On holiday? With Fido it’s better

P.For holidays or even just for a weekend trip: Italians are leaving more and more often (and willingly) with their four-legged friends.

According to the Sara Assicurazioni Observatory, per as many as one in two Italians (49%) holidays are family holidays, including four legs. 22% would entrust it to relatives or friends and another 19% to a specialized structure. So here are some tips for not finding yourself more tired on your return than on your departure.

1. Train, car, plane, ship?

The car is the most comfortable means of transport, due to the great autonomy it allows. The pet must be secured: i dogs they must travel in the back seat, tied with special approved harnesses or harnesses.

On the train, large dogs enter with a muzzle and leash, regardless of the owner’s class (pets must always be reported when buying the ticket). Small pets, on the other hand, travel for free with Trenitalia (until 15 September), in a pet carrier no larger than 70x30x50 cm.

Airplane and ship have rules that change according to the size of the animal and the reference company. It’s worth checking out on the internet or toll free. Here, for example, the rules of Moby and Tirrenia.

On holiday with your dog, valuable tips for peaceful travel

On holiday with your dog, valuable tips for peaceful travel

2. Dogs on vacation… at the sea

It is essential to verify that i dogs are accepted on the beach and, in general, what are the rules to be respected. For free beaches, municipal regulations may apply which, for example, allow pets only at certain times of the day, or prohibit swimming in the sea. They also exist well-equipped dog beaches, both free and private.

At the seaside, don’t forget the water bowl, a short leash and a towel just for him. And yes, even a sunscreen: even pets are subject to sunburn. You can protect them by applying a high protection sunscreen to the white ends and tips of the ears before taking them out.

3. Dogs on vacation… in the mountains

Walks, fresh and clean air and uncrowded places, a holiday in the mountains is ideal for a dog. Aside from sunscreen and mosquito repellent products, a leash that allows the owner to keep his hands free and a locator for dogs GPS: it attaches to the collar and, in case of escape or loss, allows you to find it again.

4. Dogs on vacation… abroad

If the move takes place within the European Union, they are needed passport (issued by the ASL of territorial reference) and the microchip (or the tattoo). The animal must be registered in the Regional Registry of Affectionate Animals. Before leaving, it is worth checking the health card and making sure that the vaccinations are in order, including theanti-rabies. Your vet may also recommend a specific pesticide, preventative therapies, and special regulations.

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5. Traveling

It can be useful, to make the trip more pleasant for everyone, to bring some toys and blankets with its smell. In his bag, insert useful drugs in case of emergency intervention and for daily use: wet wipes, tick-removing tweezers, protective, soothing and cortisone ointments, hydrogen peroxide, pesticide repellent, antidiarrheal, lactic ferments, disinfectant and sterile gauze.


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