Maxi brawl between the public houses in Milan, 60 in via Bolla armed with sticks. A 2 year old boy in the hospital

Maxi brawl between the public houses in Milan, 60 in via Bolla armed with sticks.  A 2 year old boy in the hospital

Maxi brawl yesterday evening, Friday 10 June, between the occupants of the social housing in via Bolla, in Milan: about sixty people poured into the street around 9.30 pm, also armed with sticks. To quell the dispute, at number 40, the police had to intervene in force.

A two-year-old boy was taken to the hospital for examination. He would only be examined as a precaution, but he would have no obvious injuries or trauma. The 118 intervened with three ambulances and a car of the medical staff, treating four people on the spot, two males of 17 and 2 years, in fact, and two women of 21 and 44 years. The doctors then decided to transport to the emergency room only for the girl, who allegedly suffered bruises, and for the child, both in green code.

The reasons that led to such a far-reaching clash are under investigation, but those blocks of flats owned by Aler (the regional company that manages social housing units) not far from the Cimitero Maggiore in the Gallaratese district have been living in decay for years. and illegal. With a problem of difficult coexistence between often conflicting groups. An open wound. Only a few months ago, in February, in via Bolla also politics had returned to discuss – and to divide – due to a fire in the cellars. Now the revolt.

The police officers, sent by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi, intervened with about ten cars first and with five teams of the mobile department at the disposal of a manager. Around 11.20 pm “they restored public order”.

Here is the situation described by the president of Municipality 8, Giulia Pelucchi. Who starts the attack of the Lombardy Region: “This week in via Bolla there was an escalation of fights whose climax is underway tonight. Barrels, bars, knives, paper bombs, shots. The common denominator of these events is always the same: the total indifference of the ownership of these houses, of its abusive occupations, the lack of will to propose solutions and the redevelopment of these buildings. The story is well known, we asked for a commission on the subject months ago, they replied to wait waiting for news on what will become of the redevelopment. Unfortunately, the time has run out for a while. Lombardy Region, if you are there, give it a shot. In the meantime, let’s hope the irreparable will not happen “.

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