• May 29, 2023

Come to Tokyo with iO Donna – iO Donna

THEn Japan, at least once in your life, you have to go. Lose yourself in the alienating contemporary beauty of Tokyo; stroll through Gion, in Kyoto, kingdom of geishas and refined antique dealers where time goes backwards. And then stop in Nara for its monumental Buddhist temple guarded by sacred deer (asking tourists for a snack!). And in Osaka, hyperactive metropolis and nightlife champion in the Namba neighborhood …

Mountain Fuji and Lake Ashi

iO Woman this fall goes. Our trip, 11 days and 9 nights, started October 27this an invitation to enjoy the charm of the cities and to discover the enchantment of Japanese landscapes among bamboo forests, Zen gardens, foliage view of Mount Fuji and onsen (the natural spas that are found everywhere).

Those who believe that Japanese cuisine is only sushi will change their mind. Anyone who loves the kimono style will do bargains in second hand shops scattered in the most hidden streets of urban centers. Those who are attracted to the oriental beauty routine will be conquered by bazaar shops where camellia oil and futuristic cosmetics are displayed side by side.

Hanami, Japan is tinged with pink and white for the cherry blossom

Hanami, Japan is tinged with pink and white for the cherry blossom

To accompany the readers, together with expert local guides, will be our editor-in-chief Simonetta Li Pira, who returns to Japan each time with more joyful enthusiasm than the previous one.

Books to prepare for the trip

With iO Donna and Corriere della Sera 20 books to approach (and understand) the Rising Sun.
Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola’s cult film that takes place in a pop and contemporary Tokyo, still renders well today, 18 years later, the idea that a Westerner feels when trying to delve into Japanese culture: the first impact is unsettling, but surprising. Japan, in fact, mixes a millenary culture with the challenges of post-modernity. And it fascinates for this.

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iO Donna and Corriere della Sera present a series of 20 books to understand and delve into the culture of the Rising Sun.. It starts on June 17 with Enigmatic Japan in which an English professor, the famous anthropologist Alan Macfarlane, takes us on a journey to discover habits and customs. The week after, June 24, it is the turn of Leonardo Vittorio Arena, who describes us with Samurathe, the story of these warriors and lovers of Zen thought who lived from the 2nd century BC. C. at the end of the nineteenth century. They follow on July 1st Japanese thought by Le Yen Mai and, on the 8th, The beauty of secret Japan by Alex Kerr. The books are on sale at € 7.90 + the price of the newspaper.


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