• June 8, 2023

Clash in the Trump house: Donald dumps his daughter Ivanka because he does not believe in “election theft”

NEW YORK – The cruelest title, imitated by many, did the conservative site Drudgereport: “Don threw Ivanka under the bus.” But behind the color of the family quarrel, on the testimony of Trump’s daughter to the Commission of Inquiry into the assault on Congress on January 6, there are various aspects with important political and legal ramifications.

Ivanka made her first appearance with a short video, which aired during Thursday’s audition. Shortly before, the former secretary of justice Barr had defined his father’s accusations of the theft of the elections “bullshit”, a rather vulgar term that in Italian translates to “bullshit”. When asked about it, the favorite daughter replied: “It had an effect on my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he said.” Her husband Jared Kushner added that when she heard White House legal counsel Cipollone threaten to resign, she thought he “was just whining.” The former president replied from his Truth platform: “Ivanka Trump was not involved in studying the election results. She had been out for a long time, and in my judgment she was just trying to be respectful of Barr and his position as secretary of the Justice (he sucked!) “.

“Trump coup”, the battle begins. Liz Cheney accuses him

by our correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli

Exegetes from the former presidential family have read us three messages. The first was to dismiss Ivanka’s negative judgment, because even if your daughter doesn’t believe the “big lie” with which you fomented the assault on Congress, there really was no plausible reason to overthrow the oldest democracy in the modern world. The second was to avoid the head-on collision, emphasizing that she did not intend to distance herself from her father, but only to appear kind to Barr and respectful of her institutional position. The third was to clarify that he does not feel this need, and urges supporters not to give support to traitors.

The problem, however, is more serious than that. Ivanka has always been her favorite, and in fact Donald had taken her with her husband Jared to Washington as an all-round adviser. She was a Democrat, pro abortion, even a longtime friend of Chelsea Clinton in liberal circles in New York, but she had converted to a “Trump republican” to take advantage of the opportunity to have her father in the White House. Her ambitions go beyond running the family business, to the point that many of her still see her as a possible presidential candidate.

When her father lost the election, however, she and Jared quickly distanced themselves. A couple of days later, over her breakfast at Kalorama’s luxury home, her husband informed her that the family would move to Florida and would play no part in the campaign to reverse the outcome. This had been seen as a betrayal by Donald’s diehard allies, but partly also by his opponents, who hoped for the calming function of the moderate daughter, precisely to avoid an epilogue like the January 6 assault. Instead Ivanka and Jared left everything in the hands of characters like the exhausted Giuliani, with the known results. Now she still talks regularly with her father, but her husband has been to Mar a Lago only once, while instead he used the contacts established during the presidency to create a two billion dollar investment fund with business from Arabia to Israel.

Assault on Congress, suspicious holes in Trump’s phone call logs

by Massimo Basile

So Ivanka and Jared try to walk on an insidious suspended rope, to avoid breaking up with Donald, in case he runs and wins in 2024, but also to protect themselves from the potential legal consequences of his mistakes, collaborating with the investigation of the Room. It remains to be seen whether they will manage to get to the end of the rope intact, because on the one hand they risk becoming the key to indicting Trump, and on the other hand they will hardly be acquitted by public opinion.

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