Banks renewed the Bcc contract: increase from 190 euros

Banks renewed the Bcc contract: increase from 190 euros

MILAN – The workers’ unions of the cooperative credit banks have reached an agreement with Federcasse for the renewal of the employment contract. As regards the economic part, an increase of 190 euros is foreseen for the average figure (III Professional Area IV level with zero steps) to be brought up to speed in two tranches, of which the first equal to 150 euros from the month of August and the second 40 euros from October. To give the news is the First Cisl.

The productivity bonus is determined with 2nd level bargaining and calculated on the basis of two distinct quotas, one, equal to 80%, determined by the balance sheet of each individual mutual bank, and the second, equal to 20%, which takes into account of the group’s financial statements. An increase in the contribution to the National Mutual Fund of 0.5% is envisaged, of which 0.35% to be paid by the bank and 0.15% by the worker.

The payment to the Bcc Pension Fund also increases: against a 0.1% increase paid by the worker, the bank will pay a contribution of 0.2% for workers hired before 2000 and 0.3% for those hired after 2000. In the welfare chapter, 3 paid days are introduced in case of hospitalization of children, spouses / cohabitants, parents. In addition, 5 days, even by the hour, will be available for parents with children suffering from pathologies related to learning. The leave is raised to 24 months in the event of serious illnesses and an increase in the provision for family members with disabilities.

The surprise growth of the mutual banks in 2021 better than other banks

by Andrea Greco

With regard to the contractual area, the maintenance, also guaranteed for future hires, of the national contract is envisaged in the event of transfer to non-controlled companies relating to the management of impaired loans (Npl) and / or unlikely to pay (Utp ).
Part time also changes: it can be granted to 1 worker in 20 (previously the ratio was 1 to 25) without distinction on company size, confirming the minimum period for particular circumstances at 12 months, such as situations of fragility and parenting and introducing a limit to 6 months for further reasons. Also new for training: the training package is increased, which goes from 50 to 60 hours per year. Furthermore, the return to service after long absences will be accompanied by a “professional update”. Finally, for Smart working, 10 days a month are provided. Workers will be given the meal ticket.

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