“With the heart, in the name of Francesco” turns 20: on Rai 1 the concert with Malika Ayane and Nek – iO Donna

"With the heart, in the name of Francesco" turns 20: on Rai 1 the concert with Malika Ayane and Nek - iO Donna

TOAlso this year solidarity in favor of the Franciscan missions, in Italy and in the world, is live on TV from Assisi on Rai 1. Let’s talk about With the heart, in the name of Francescobenefit concert hosted by Carlo Conti on air tonight 10 June at 9.25pm. The scenery is spectacular Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisiwhere, in the churchyard of the Upper Church, we see “pop” singers and guests performing.

Malika Ayane:

Malika Ayane:

TO With the heart, in the name of Francesco beloved singers

To alternate with the microphone of With the heart, in the name of Francesco beloved singers: Malika Ayane and Nek, veterans from Sanremo. We report that Nek is also ready to debut as a conductor of a show in the early evening, From the street to the stageairing from June 28 on Tuesdays on Rai. 2 for four weeks. The program was born from an idea always by Carlo Conti, which perhaps so try to try again later The Bandsinging talent that on Rai 1, between April and May, did not shine in terms of audience.

Among the singers who perform in Assisi, there is also Francesco Gabbaniwhich then Sunday it is also awarded with the new Telegatto Green at a special event organized by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni on the occasion of the FuoriSalone del Mobile in Milan. The motivation for the award: to reward his musical talent and commitment to the future of our planet.

With the heart, in the name of Francis concert lineup singers

The Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi. (Getty Images)

… And also super guests: Al Bano and Raoul Bova

Also present two TV big names: Al Banoa transversal singer, idolized for at least two-three generations, talked about for his turbulent love life and often a guest of the various TV salons. And Raoul Bovafresh from the enormous success of Don Matteo, in which Don Massimo (Raoul Bova, in fact) very well replaces Terence Hill’s Don Matteo. Bova is particularly sensitive to the Franciscan appointment because he played St. Francis of Assisi himself in one of the first mini TV series, Francisbroadcast in 2002 on Canale 5.

raoul bova san francesco


Carlo Conti at the helm for the fourteenth time

At the helm of Con il cuore, in the name of Francesco, is the very solid Carlo Conti. “It is a commitment that is renewed for me, with great pleasure, I don’t know how many years now, ”he told Sorrisi e Canzoni. We did the bill: it is the fourteenth time he has run this beneficial marathon (started in 2008). Before him they took turns Milly Carlucci, Natasha Stefanenko, Monica Leofreddi, Gaia De Laurentiis and Caterina Balivo with Bruno Vespa. Then, Conti gave stability to the transmission.

20 years with the sold out

With the heart, in the name of Francesco it is one of the historical broadcasts of Rai, since it has reached its twentieth edition (it has changed its name several times, but the substance has remained the same). A milestone that also marks the “return to presence”: the previous two editions, in fact, took place during the pandemic e, for safety reasons, they had to cut off guests and the public. In particular, in June 2020 the concert took place with the total absence of the public and with a single hostand, Gianni Morandi. In June 2021, however, the public was there, but it was small, while the guests were two: Massimo Ranieri and Renato Zero.

This year we have returned to normal conditions and the organizers have been sold out for some time. “A big THANK YOU to everyone for your great affection that you have shown us », reads the website of With the heart, in the name of Francesco (conilcuore.info).

Aid to the Franciscan canteens in Italy, to the Ukrainians and to the needy around the world

This concert broadcast on Rai 1 is an opportunity to support the projects of the Franciscan missionaries, always in favor of the weakest. This year the friars of Assisi turn their attention in particular to the needy in Italyto whom they provide food through canteens, that after the pandemic have seen the number of assisted increase, and to the Ukrainian population affected by Putin’s war. “There are the Franciscan friars who are in Lvivwho are giving assistance to the Ukrainian people ”, Conti specified.

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To support these activities it is enough make a donation by sending a text message or by calling 45515 from a landline. Donations are open until July 31st. The funds raised in previous editions made it possible to support activities such as, for example, a dormitory for single mothers in Burundia safe school in Kenya, a shelter home day care for the elderly and minors in Cuba.


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