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What are the people we should estrange in love? – Donnamoderna

Andthere are people with whom it is difficult to have a healthy love relationship: here are what they are and why we should avoid them

You know, every relationship is different and can have its ups and downs; misunderstandings and arguments can happen, but it does not mean that we are with people that we should estrange in love.

In a healthy couple relationship, there is always a sense of respect and a strong love for the partner, which must never be lacking. But with some people it is impossible to have a balanced relationship.

Identify toxic love

The worst thing that could happen to us in a relationship is meeting and falling in love with a toxic person, that is, a person who does not make us feel good about ourselves and others.

This sense of attachment to someone who does us more harm than good, and who is often confused with love, is actually an emotional pain that can even lead to states of mental and physical discomfort, loneliness and even depression.

The problem with these types of relationships is that from the inside they are often not identified as toxic; you lose the sense of proportion and perspective and you don’t realize that you are living in an unhealthy relationship, maybe you just think you are in a complicated relationship.

The people we should turn away in love

There are different types of people that we should estrange in love, and while it’s not fair to make generalizations, often these types of partners are unable to have a healthy relationship.

Who betrays us

A person who has betrayed us, perhaps more than once, loses our respect and it can be difficult to recover it. A couple who lives their relationship peacefully does not seek emotions and experiences elsewhere, without the knowledge of the partner.

But betrayal does not only mean infidelity; Sometimes it also means betraying your partner’s trust in other ways, such as hiding important things from him and always lying for the sake of it.

Who is too jealous

An overly jealous partner who controls our every move doesn’t love us madly; he’s just a toxic person we should stay away from.

A hint of jealousy is normal every now and then, but not being able to see your friends anymore, go out alone, or even talk to your family is an important symptom of a very toxic and potentially dangerous relationship.

Who always compares us to the former

It is normal, past relationships have a weight and leave more or less strong emotional aftermath. But a partner who does nothing but compare us to his ex, belittling us and making us losers from the comparison is not someone who is worth having a relationship with.

Exes exist, it is normal, but they belong to the past and as such they must not undermine the foundations of a relationship. A partner who keeps rethinking their ex may not have gotten over it and is therefore not ready for a new relationship.

Who does not respect us

Another type of person to be removed immediately is those who do not respect us, diminish us and make us feel like nothing, even in front of others.

A partner who is truly in love would never undermine our self-esteem: contempt often also includes cynicism, insults, sarcasm, lack of attention, or teasing.

Who is violent

It seems obvious, but sometimes it happens that those who are victims of abuse and violence within the couple have lost trust and respect towards themselves to such an extent that they are able to justify even violent behavior on the part of the partner.

Any kind of abuse, verbal, physical or sexual, should not be tolerated or accepted in any kind of relationship.

If the partner hits, humiliates, or treats badly, there is no time to waste and you need to contact a trusted person or the authorities as soon as possible, no ifs and buts.

The narcissist

A narcissistic person only loves himself and will always put himself first, at every opportunity.

Being with such a person is very difficult, as they tend to behave in a manipulative way; he could also be a chronic liar and get you to do or say things you don’t want for his sake.

How to remove a toxic partner

It is impossible to live a relationship serenely and in a mature way if first of all we are not comfortable with ourselves and we do not love and respect each other as individuals.

For this reason, being with a toxic partner or with people we should be estranged in love can never lead to a healthy and satisfying relationship.

In a toxic love relationship it hides which people deceive and delude themselves, thinking that their partner is not a bad person, but they simply justify it by finding a thousand excuses. The reality, however, is that the relationship is based on the need, insecurity and fear of being alone.

Removing a toxic partner can be difficult, especially if we still delude ourselves that the problem doesn’t exist. However, after opening our eyes and understanding that we should move away from this person, the best thing is to ask for help from a trusted person or a professional.

Having an opinion outside the couple and therefore objective can help to distance ourselves from a person who no longer makes us feel good in the couple.

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