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The built-in cellar is the new trend of modern homes – PinkItalia

The built-in wine cellar is one of the most recent appliances chosen by wine lovers, real treasure chests to preserve the oenological proposals

One of the best ways at the table is tasting a good glass of wine. In this sense, the built-in cellar can act as a real modern wine bar, blending in with the surrounding domestic environment.

Modernity, current design, technology have made the built-in wine cellar one of the most innovative and useful proposals for storing bottles, which can be harmonized in the home environment.

The built-in wine cellar therefore represents a piece of furniture in all respects, also equipped with the functionality for the storage and collection of a vast assortment of bottles in the kitchen or living room.

Built-in cellar: Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite is a brand of high-end built-in appliances part of the LG group, whose first European showroom, in the center of Milan, opened its doors just over a year ago.

The brand’s philosophy is “True to Food”, which focuses on the passion for food and the rediscovery of its value by virtue of its origin, the nutritional characteristics of food and its potential in the culinary field. This attitude is expressed in every product made by Signature Kitchen Suite: from the refrigeration range to those dedicated to cooking.

To convey the True to food philosophy, the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom in Milan was conceived as an experiential space, designed by the architects Calvi Brambilla, where the Food Academy hosts the True to Food Classes curated by the chef and Food Experience Director Andrea Vigna .

18 “built-in wine cellar

Separate climatic zones.

A 3-zone (61cm model) and 2-zone (46cm model) built-in cellar, adjustable for temperature and humidity. Each zone is equipped with a dedicated evaporator and dividing barriers that guarantee perfect circulation of the cold inside the appliance and of each zone, and thus allow the different settings to be maintained in order to optimally store different wines at the same time: for example Champagne. non vintage and sparkling wines (6 ° -10 ° C), sweet white wines (6 ° -8 ° C), full-bodied white wines or light reds (10 ° -13 ° C), red aged 13 ° -18 ° C) , vintage port (18 ° -20 ° C).

Shelves in natural beech wood and metal profiles.

The wine cellars contain 10 shelves for storing wine, supplied with 2 (model 61cm) and 1 (model 45cm) support for display or inclined storage. They are made of natural beech wood, which helps to eliminate any odor or substance that may alter the conservation of the wine. The shelves have metal profiles and slide smoothly on telescopic guides, to minimize the stresses on the bottles placed on them. The internal profiles are anthracite gray.

Smart Knock Door Technology.

The doors are equipped with Smart Knock: knocking twice on the glass automatically activates the lighting inside the appliance, making the labels of the bottles visible. Without opening the door and without compromising the conservation of wines and energy efficiency, it is possible to choose a priori which wine is the most suitable for the occasion of the moment.

Adjustable lighting and with presentation mode

It is possible to activate the presentation light mode, which leaves the lighting always on even when the door is closed. The lighting of our wine cellars can then be adjusted, for each individual area, at different levels: light, medium, high, depending on the needs also through the Signature Kitchen Suite app.

Adjustable and push notification in case of opening.

It is possible to activate the presentation light mode, which leaves the lighting always on even when the door is closed. The lighting of our wine cellars can then be adjusted, for each individual area, at different levels. In addition, through the Signature Kitchen Suite App, you can set up a notification system that alerts you when the wine cellar is opened. In case of preservation of valuable bottles, the system can also be used as a safety device.

Combinations Built-in with cabinet.

Refrigerators, freezers and wine cellar are combined in customized and professional solutions, to be installed on the wall inside an ad hoc cabinet. The built-in combinations allow you to create infinite combinations, both in terms of design and in terms of performance, to satisfy every type of need.

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