#Swedengate: friends at home, but without dinner – iO Donna

#Swedengate: friends at home, but without dinner - iO Donna

L‘hashtag #Swedengate it has now been launched and it never stops. It must be said, however, that the comments exploded on Twitter are really hilarious.

The question is this: second the Swedish custom when you welcome friends at home, at dinner time, the guest is not invited to sit at the table.

Indeed, it is perfectly normal, even shut it in another room so that it does not disturb those who are eating.

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#Swedengate: you don’t eat with friends

Month the invitation home with a packed dinner there is nothing strange for the Swedes, the news amused the users of the Web, who obviously went wild. It all started on Reddit, the social network a little less known in Europe, but very influential in the United States.

The question posed by which everything was born was which was the stranger thing that had to be done in someone’s home because of their culture or religion.


According to the Swedish custom, when welcoming friends at home, at dinner time, the guest is not invited to sit at the table

The curious Swedish tradition

And here, among the many answers, two appear on Swedish traditions. There first it was about dinner: “Some time ago I went to a Swedish friend’s house and while we were playing in his room, their mother said dinner was ready. She then she asked me to WAIT in her room while the others ate ».

The second was breakfast: «I stayed asleep at a friend’s house. When we woke up, he told me to wait for him in the room and he would be right back. After ten minutes, I went down to see what he was doing and found him having breakfast with the family. His words were: I’m coming, I’m almost done ».

#Swedengate, the Web explodes

Clearly, it was a snap: the opportunity was too “greedy” not to go viral. And so some very ironic comments started popping up on Twitter. In fact, there are those who write: “I who go to my Swedish friend’s house and in order not to look like shit at dinner say:”No, Mrs.Thank you. STOCKHOLM“.

Another post shows the photo of the happy Ikea family sitting at the table with the words: “They probably have a friend sitting somewhere in the house waiting for the family to finish lunch #Swedengate “.

«Better this way given what they eat» writes another. And again: «If you are a guest will they give you food? BLUE: almost always. BLUE: yes usually. PINK: unlikely. RED: very unlikely ».

In short, the tenor is this, however ironic, without any offense. Indeed, someone it denies this original concept of hospitalityreplying that he had been invited several times and that he had also had the opportunity to sit at the table.

Uses and customs are not judged

It is clearly a generalization and judging the typical customs of different cultures is always wrong. It is clear, however, that discovering behaviors like this makes an impression on peoples who make being together a fundamental concept of life. But there’s nothing wrong with staying on the joke: after all, how many times do you make fun of the Genoese because they are stingy, the Turinese because they are false and courteous, and so on.

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After all, the Scandinavians themselves they admit that they tend to be less communitarian people compared to others, especially those of the South, such as Italians, Spaniards and Greeks, for example. Villages where sociability is an absolute priority.


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