Stefano De Martino makes his debut at the cinema with “The most beautiful day” – iO Donna

Stefano De Martino makes his debut at the cinema with "The most beautiful day" - iO Donna

TOSee the hilarious French comedy C’est la vie – Take it as it comes by E. Toledano and O. Nakache? The most beautiful day (in cinemas these days), first work by Andrea Zalone (author of Maurizio Crozza), is the made in Italy remake, but of that overwhelming and almost brilliant comedy very little remains.

The intent is to entertain from a box office successand it is the intent of all remake hit the target, as you know, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don’t. In this case we are at a semi-centered target. Zalone gives us a comedy that brings with it the spirit and the central body of the original: the marriage of a couple becomes a kind of circus during which beautiful ones happen. We laugh, of course, but the comic dynamism between the various characters it is not up to the French counterpart. Too bad because the parterre of actors is very respectable.

The most beautiful day: the plot

Aurelio (Paolo Kessisoglu) is a wedding planner like his father, he gives happiness to couples who get married, but he is the first not to be happy. He is having a clandestine relationship with Serena (Valeria Bilello), his collaborator and friend’s wife George (Luca Bizzarri). He would like to permanently change his life and the opportunity is offered to him by organizing Pier’s wedding (Stefano De Martino) and Chiara (Fiammetta Cicogna): the bride’s father in fact intends to take over Aurelio’s company if the marriage goes well.

All sorts of things will happen because of it of the shabby group of collaborators the wedding organizer surrounds himself with. One above all the vulgar Adele (Violante Placido), always on the verge of a nervous breakdown and with one swear word always at hand (it seems to witness a cinepanettone). There is also the failed singer Billy (Lodo Guenzi), who just during the party realizes that the the bride on duty is his exwhile in the kitchen they peddle frozen cod fillets for raw shrimp and amberjack.

In between it also slips Georgethe wedding photographer, who confides in Aurelio that with Serena everything is falling apart, except sex. In short, what it had to be The most beautiful day risks turning into a nightmarefor the newlyweds and for Aurelio.

the most beautiful day stefano di martino film cinema

Stefano De Martino and Fiammetta Cicogna. (Marco Piovanotto)

The first time by Andrea Zalone and Stefano De Martino

Andrea Zalone signs his first film, while the TV presenter Stefano De Martino made his debut as an actor. «I enjoyed it, I couldn’t say no, I felt like when a person is missing from a soccer match – says De Martino – I didn’t score any goals, but I hope I didn’t lose the team. I don’t know if anyone will feel the need to get me back on set – continues the new actor smiling – in case there was I would not say no. In the meantime, I continue to make television ».

“When they called me I thought it was a joke – he says Zalone – then I realized they were serious and then I threw myself with a good deal of unconsciousness“.

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Belen Rodriguez admits:

Belen Rodriguez admits:

Who is Andrea Zalone?

The director is the author of reference and the indispensable comic shoulder of Maurizio Crozza, with whom he has been collaborating since Crozza Italy. He has written numerous television programs including Pilots, Convenscion, Never say Tuesday, Zelig. He is also a voice actor, actor and author of numerous plays including I did it for my country with Antonio Cornacchione and Lucia Vasini, Every Tuesday at 6pm with Stefano Bicocchi, in art Vito and Claudia Penoni e Happiness is a package with Stefano Bicocchi, all written with Francesco Freyrie.


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