• May 28, 2023

RepIdee in Bologna, three days of free workshops to build the future together

Three days to explore tomorrow, questioning the most controversial issues of our time, from the environment to new technologies, from work to rights. Not to be crushed by the present, but to govern it, not to be caught unprepared but to have answers in the face of increasing complexity. The next edition of the Republic of Ideas, scheduled in the center of Bologna, from Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 June, is a very ambitious challenge.

Faced with crumbling certainties and a not always intelligible tomorrow, “Let’s challenge together a future in the balance”, this is the title of the event, it tastes like a bet. Curated by Silvia Barbagallo, the program is, as always, full of guests, Italian and foreign, all introduced by Repubblica journalists who will alternate in the different spaces in the city.

But the novelty is the workshops, in particular the FutureLab and the Town Hall (at Palazzo Re Enzo and Palazzo d’Accursio). We will not just listen to the protagonists of our society, but we will do more with a large dose of participation from below: the public will work together with journalists and guests to observe the future as closely as possible. Sitting around a table, with blackboards and markers, exchanging ideas and opinions led by facilitators.

Town Hall of Tomorrow

More than an experiment of participatory citizenship, the Town Hall of Tomorrow they are meetings to discuss the possibilities and open questions regarding the decisions we must make today to help create the world of future generations. What impact will the choices we make now have on our lives tomorrow? The Town Halls, in the Atti room of Palazzo Re Enzo, are led by Anna Simioni and Gabriele Segre, two facilitators with experience in creating communities in the third sector. Among the guests, Ilaria Cucchi with Carlo Bonini, Pietro Turano talking about rights and the activist Diletta Bellotti for the environment.

Sign up for the workshops: June 16 | June 17 | June 18


Stefano Boeri and Riccardo Staglianò, Carlo Petrini and Marco Cattaneo, Luciano Floridi and Beniamino Pagliaro. Work, environment, innovation. The FutureLab is a real laboratory in which to experiment and experiment. Whiteboards everywhere, spaces dedicated to the public, a central agora for dialogue will transform the rooms of Palazzo Re Enzo. Three hours of group work to build the scenarios that await us. The work is facilitated by Maurizio Travaglini, who with his Architects Of Group Genius has already experimented with the format at the Harvard InnovationLab at Davos WorkSpace.

Sign up for the workshops: June 16 | June 17 | June 18

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