• June 8, 2023

Regionals Lombardy, Calenda displaces everyone: “Letizia Moratti would be an excellent candidate”. And she replies: “Reflections in progress”

A few sentences were enough to make everyone rise up. In the center-left and in the center-right. Theme: regional elections in Lombardy in 2023. Procedure: “There are people of the highest quality even in the opposing camp: Letizia Moratti it would be an excellent candidate to be president of the Region. She would do it very well. “To say that is a leader of the center right? No, she is Carlo Calenda, Secretary of Action, who speaks freely with journalists during a visit to the Salone del Mobile in Milan. “I sincerely thank and reciprocate Calenda’s words of esteem. There are various hypotheses and reflections underway, all with the aim of a policy of action that gives concrete answers to the needs and quality of life of our citizens”, he replies a few steps away – also at the Salone del Mobile – Letizia Moratti. There are “reflections and hypotheses in progress that are not only mine”, Moratti added, underlining that there are contacts with the Secretary of Action: “Of course, I feel it”, she concluded.

Lombardia, Letta boccia Calenda: “Moratti? It is not our habit to choose right-wing candidates”

And therefore. They may seem affectionate among moderate politicians, but in reality they are definite signals to both sides. Because Calenda adds: “We have made a name that is very valid for us, that is Carlo Cottarelli. If we decide instead to go towards a name that is very far to the left, we will reflect on a third candidacy. “Translated: the message is clear to the possible but not certain fellow travelers of the center-left. Who certainly does not like the exchange of compliments is the president of the Region Attilio Fontana, who could / should be the center-right candidate for a second term at Palazzo Lombardia, even if there was no official communication to that effect. “It means that Carlo Calenda will ask to enter the center-right, and I am pleased: he will be one more presence”, Fontana replies with a jab.

“It seems to me – added Fontana – that normally the center-right must decide who will be the excellent candidate, if he wants to enter, we are ready to listen to his advice too”. Fontana, who has the unconditional support of his secretary Matteo Salvini but the much more conditioned one (by the balance of candidacies in other regions) of Fratelli d’Italia, adds to the benefit of opening: “I have already said it and I repeat it, and I have argued for something that I consider serious, the true value of unity of the center-right, this is the only point of reference. Then the names do not count that much, it is the center-right that must express itself, be compact and nominate a person whom the center-right deems capable, whoever he is “.

Slicing the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta: “For Lombardy we will obviously discuss center-left candidacies. It is not our habit to go and identify candidates who are on the other side. right is a former center-left. We usually don’t do that and we won’t do that. We will choose and discuss with all allies. I would also be happy to discuss, with Calenda included, a winning and competitive center-left candidacy for regional elections “, Letta added.

Elections, Enrico Letta closes the electoral campaign in Lodi, the only agreement on the “large field” from the Pd to M5S

by Andrea Montanari

Others who have not liked? Certainly the same party as Calenda, intended as Lombard delegates. “I share the personal esteem for Letizia Moratti expressed by Calenda, but as reiterated by the national secretary himself, Action in Lombardy is at work by the opposition for a reformist proposal. The name of Carlo Cottarelli would be the civic profile, serious and recognized as ideal for beat the right and I am pleased that Calenda confirms this as I have been supporting for months “, says the regional secretary of Action and regional councilor of Lombardy Niccolò Carretta. “Vice-president Letizia Moratti is currently in the majority, vice-president of Fontana and of a council on which I have a very bad opinion and supported by Lega and FdI, a perimeter that makes any scenario other than the current unthinkable. Having said that, we will obviously be interested if in the coming months space will be created to build a proposal for a Draghi area also in Lombardy and I am pleased if Letizia Moratti is also looking in this direction “.

Elections Lombardia, Salvini insists on Fontana: “You don’t change a team that wins, as for Milan”

He must not have liked the mayor of Milan either Beppe Sala, engaged in recent weeks on a double front: to reiterate that it is not (at the moment) available to apply in the Region and to help the center-left to find a drinkable name for everyone. “We should talk about it with Calenda, I don’t know: it’s not time for the full names. I say that the left must find a candidacy and also quickly – he comments with almost predictable diplomacy – but I can’t evaluate what Calenda says. he is a fool, he has made a tiring journey to reach a certain dimension of action but you also understand that he must expand much more to guarantee a future for his political initiative. This seems obvious to me and also acceptable “.

Wide understandings in the center that agitate the possible alignments and the equally possible Lombard “wide fields”. “The leader of Action seems very confused. Understandable, it must not be easy to get up every morning without a concrete political proposal and having to decide which side to take, depending on where you are, who you talk to and your convenience”, is the direct attack of the group leader of the Five Star Lombardy Movement, Nicola Di Marco, on the statements of Calenda. “At the moment the only certain data is that Action has abandoned the work of thematic tables, carried out by the political forces that in the Lombardy Region want to build an alternative proposal to the Fontana disaster – adds Si Marco -, showing disinterest in addressing the issues that they are dear to the Lombards. Now, if they dream of Letizia Moratti, perhaps Action still has time to ask to be able to join the majority. At least, in the Regional Council, they would finally have a clear position “.

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